HallowMEME: Best Picks From the Internet Costume Party

Christine Erickson
HallowMEME: Best Picks From the Internet Costume Party
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Honey Boo Boo

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Ermahgerd, HallowMEME!

Internet meme aficionados made a dash out of the 'webs for an evening of costumed revelry in Brooklyn on Thursday night. Honey Boo Boo took the prize, which was well-deserved, since she spent $600 making her own custom dress.

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The dancing hamsters came out of the archives -- and no, we're not talking about Kia's. And speaking of dancing, it should come to no surprise that there were plenty of Psy's getting their "Gangnam Style" on.

Stingrays were photobombing, Paul Ryans were pumping iron and women were chilling in their binders at the annual explosion of web culture.

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We've collected some of our early HallowMEME favorites in the gallery above. The meme'd out costumes ranged from old to new, and elaborate to last-minute cleverness.

The Inter-tubes are leaking! Save the cats. Or check out more photos from party-goers on Instagram.

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Image courtesy of Instagram, Nadia Chaudhury

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Contributed photography by Stephanie Haberman.

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