Half an onion desperately wants to get more Twitter followers than Donald Trump


Attention Twitter users: there's half an onion in a plastic bag that needs your help.

The ew Twitter account Half An Onion was created on Jan. 20 to represent a literal halved onion in a plastic bag. And the account has some big dreams: it's striving to get more followers than President Donald Trump.

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What started as benign curiosity has now become this half onion's life goal and who are we to stand in its way?

As the time of this writing, the bagged vegetable has quickly amassed 140,000 followers. Donald J. Trump, at this time, has 21.6 million. 

That's pretty far away, but if the half an onion in a bag can maintain this level of social media support, it could reach Trump's Twitter follower count in close to 450 days. 

Many people are all too eager to show their support for this determined half onion that lives in a Ziploc bag, cheering it on to victory:

If you want to see this bagged halved onion's dream come true, now is your chance to go out and make a difference in America. 

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