Half of Americans Say Congress Should Raise Debt Limit Without Strings Attached

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(Bloomberg) -- US voters blame Republicans and Democrats equally for the standoff over the debt ceiling, a series of new polls shows, sending a mixed message to President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy as they try to leverage public opinion to their sides in the negotiations.

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A Monmouth poll released Wednesday showed 51% of Americans want the debt ceiling issue to be dealt with separately from the debate over spending cuts — a so-called “clean” increase. Just 25% say a debt-limit increase should be tied to negotiations over a package of spending cuts demanded by House Republicans.

That contrasts with a CNN poll Tuesday that found 60% believe Congress “should only raise the debt ceiling if it cuts spending at the same time.”

“This appears to be a case of the old adage: ‘Question wording matters most when people know the least,’” said Monmouth pollster Patrick Murray.

“Most Americans don’t have a strong opinion on the debt ceiling — and won’t have one unless there’s a default that impacts them. Beyond that, partisan identity will drive who gets blamed for any unhappiness coming out of a deal,” Murray said.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned that the US could run out of funds to pay its bills as soon as June 1 if the debt ceiling isn’t increased, and financial markets are growing more skittish.

McCarthy, after a four-hour meeting Wednesday between his and Biden’s hand-picked negotiators, expressed optimism that an agreement would be reached in time to avert a potentially catastrophic US default.

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The polls are remarkably consistent on the question of which side is to blame, underscoring the partisan split in US politics. A Quinnipiac poll Wednesday showed Americans laying responsibility with Biden over House Republicans 38% to 37%. A Marist poll released Tuesday showed that 45% of Americans would blame Republicans for a default, while 43% would blame Biden. Both polls are within the margin of error.

Polls also show general agreement that a default would be bad. The Monmouth survey found that 42% of adults agree that the US would suffer significant economic problems if the $31 trillion debt limit isn’t lifted and there is a default, while 30% say that’s an exaggerated claim and 28% said they have no opinion.

An Economist/YouGov poll Wednesday showed that 70% of Americans — including equal numbers of both parties — thought that default would be either a crisis or a major problem. Seniors and women also had higher levels of concern.

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