‘He had burns from head to toe;’ Area animal shelter helping cat who police say was lit on fire

An area animal shelter is helping out a cat who was purposely set on fire.

A volunteer at Our Farm Sanctuary found the badly burned cat hiding under a car.

“The cat had been doused in accelerant,” said Sophia Kartsonis, Director of Our Farm Sanctuary.

Kartsonis said someone then flicked a cigarette on him.

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The sanctuary rushed him to an animal hospital.

“He had burns from head to toe,” Kartsonis said. “I was pretty wrecked for a while.”

Since then, he’s been recovering at Care Center Dayton.

Trotwood police say the cat was lit on fire at an apartment complex. They are now looking for the person who did this.

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“I think that they’re really unstable,” Kartsonis said. ”I think even if you don’t value animals this is someone in your community that needs to be looked at closely.”

Kartsonis said in addition to directing the sanctuary, she has been helping animals the majority of her life.

“This is the worst case I have ever had to personally deal with,” she said.

Kartsonis said the cat is doing better now.

“It looks hopeful if we can get him eating on his own,” she said.

She has even given him a name— Fotis.

“We went with the word for light which is also a common Greek male name,” she said.

Fotis will be paired with a foster as he gets better, with the end goal of the sanctuary finding him a loving home.

“We are really tough on our adoptions anyway but this will be a little special,” Kartsonis said.

Fotis is going to go home to the sanctuary today. If you want to help them, you can donate money, toys and food.

You can visit Our Farm Sanctuary’s website here.

Just received the afternoon update on this cutie. So far, things are still looking hopeful. He is continuing with...

Posted by Our Farm Sanctuary on Thursday, April 27, 2023