Guy caught in earthquake during 'World of Warcraft' teased mercilessly

Like plenty of games out there, World of Warcraft needs a helluva lot of focus.

Easier said than done when massive earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.5 hits you, as it did for New Zealand Delrio Sierra on Monday.

Sierra was freaking out — his whole bedroom shaking — as he told fellow gamers online that he was being hit by a quake. Their response? They told him to "shut the f*ck up." Brutal.

"Sadly, due to my panic I missed a few mechanics and the healers were distracted ... which led to my in-game death at which point my girlfriend yelled for me to take cover," he wrote in the video's description.

"For all wondering, we are fine, the house is fine and she is fine! My Girlfriend doesn't scare easily with these sort of things so she checked the house and went back to bed until we had to evacuate."

A warning: Like so many live gaming streams, the video includes bad language and a homophobic slur towards the end. Not ever okay dudes. Just no.

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