Guns and mental health

December 19, 2012

Anyone buying a gun has to go through an extensive background check, but one thing that's not checked is mental health. The FBI does the background checks. Those checks reveal whether someone has a criminal history. But unless a mental issue has been reported to law enforcement, it won't show up in the person's background. Now, it's important to note that Adam Lanza, who shot and killed 26 adults and children in Connecticut, did not buy the guns used in the massacre. They were his mother's, but the tragedy has reignited the debate on gun control and mental health. "There's a right to privacy in this country, especially with medical records. Some people have battled with depression and what have you. They don't want everybody to know that, but in some cases, the public at large needs to know, at least the law enforcement needs to know," said Brad Ruper, General Manager of Midwest Gun Exchange in Mishawaka. Rupert believes the FBI should have access to mental health records. President Obama supports legislation that bans assault weapons. Rupert says those weapons are used for hunting, sporting, home defense and collecting and that they're a large part of the firearm industry.