Guillermo Del Toro Has Shared His Long, Long List Of Unmade Movies

Tom Nicholson
Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

From Esquire

Oscar-magnet Guillermo Del Toro isn't the kind of filmmaker who you'd assume would have much trouble getting projects made, but the Pan's Labyrinth and The Shape of Water director has been rummaging around in his filing cabinets and shared the films he's still got kicking around at home, waiting to be made.

As tends to be the case with tantalising hints of unmade projects, some of these sound absolutely brilliant: given how boring most of the DC comic films have been, a Del Toro Justice League Dark would be particularly interesting, as would the HP Lovecraft adaptation At The Mountains of Madness.

It's a particular shame that SECRET PROJECT (UNTITLED) apparently never got off the ground either, though perhaps understandable given the wilfully vague name. Then again, some might be best left unmade.

Apparently Disney were keen on making this retelling of the story of Ratty, Mole and pals a bit funkier than expected, with a Toad who did rad skateboard tricks. GDT backed away, perhaps sensibly.

"The thing is - each script takes about a year, so more than a decade of work lost (in the case of mountains, much more, since we scoiuted [sic] and designed etc)," Del Toro explained on Twitter. "To be clear these screenplays are WRITTEN, done. Each of them took months or years of my life. Meetings, synopsis, beat sheets and were all written, features- 90-130 pages each. These are not "maybes" or "wish list" items. They are done."

Plus, Del Toro also had some sage advice from the day he was meant to present his vision for a film version of the late-60s occult detective TV series The Champions: "An entire coffee cup fell into my keyboard the day of the presentation. It fried. I had to do it all over. Always backup!"

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