Our guide to New Jersey's 2024 elections for president, senate, congress

Election Day in New Jersey is Tuesday, June 4. Residents wishing to cast ballots early at in-person polling places have been able to do so since May 29, and others have requested ballots to vote by mail.

On the ballot across New Jersey in this primary election are:

  • Democratic and Republican nominees for President

  • Democratic and Republican nominees for U.S. Senate

  • Democratic and Republican nominees for U.S. Congress

  • Local contests

Election guide

Here's everything you need to know about:

Focus on Senate contest

Considerable attention has been paid to the contests in both the Democratic and Republican parties for U.S. Senate nominations. New Jersey's senior senator, Sen. Bob Menendez, is currently on trial in federal court in lower Manhattan, facing bribery, corruption, fraud and obstruction charges. Menendez, who had been the presumptive Democratic nominee for a fourth term, will seek re-election as an independent. After he was initially indicted — alongside his wife, Nadine Arslanian Menendez, and three New Jersey businessmen — Menendez faced numerous calls to resign from prominent Democrats, including from Gov. Phil Murphy, Sen. Cory Booker and Pennsylvania's Sen. John Fetterman.

Rep. Andy Kim, the Burlington County congressman first elected to that post in 2018, announced his candidacy soon after Menendez's indictment. Kim faced a challenge from Tammy Murphy, New Jersey's first lady. The contest was competitive at the start of the year as Murphy garnered key endorsements from prominent Democratic officials — elected and not. In February, Kim filed suit in federal court in an effort to upend the county line, the long-held New Jersey practice of placing candidates endorsed by county party organizations in prominent positions on ballots. Murphy, after four months on the campaign trail, suspended her campaign in late March. Days later, a federal judge issued an injunction in Kim's suit that doomed the county line in the Democratic primary. The injunction survived an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals, which upheld the injunction.

Ike Revis, of Hackensack, drops his ballot into the machine to cast his vote at the Civic Center in Hackensack, NJ on Tuesday Nov. 7, 2023.
Ike Revis, of Hackensack, drops his ballot into the machine to cast his vote at the Civic Center in Hackensack, NJ on Tuesday Nov. 7, 2023.

Also seeking the Democratic nomination Tuesday are labor activist Patricia Campos-Medina and former Newark board of education member Larry Hamm.

On the Republican side, Curtis Bashaw is seeking the nomination for U.S. Senate alongside Mendham Borough Mayor Christine Serrano Glassner. Bashaw has enjoyed broad support from county-level GOP organizations while Serrano Glassner has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

The Republican candidates in Tuesday's primary contest do so with the county line ballot system intact — the injunction in Kim's suit only impacted Democratic ballots.


NorthJersey.com will publish results for contests across the state. Check back after polls close at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, June 4.

Editor's note: This guide will be updated regularly as additional coverage is published.

Voting information

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Races to watch

In the New Jersey primary, more than the U.S. Senate is at stake. Watch these races

Beyond the Democratic and Republican contests for U.S. Senate nominations, these are the important New Jersey races to watch in the June 4 primary.

En las primarias de NJ, está en juego mucho más que el Senado estadounidense

Los votantes de Nueva Jersey que opten por emitir su voto en persona en las elecciones primarias de este año pueden hacerlo a partir del miércoles en los lugares de votación anticipada en persona designados o en su lugar de votación local el 4 de junio.

U.S. Senate coverage

Sen. Bob Menendez will seek re-election as an independent — as corruption trial drags on

Sen. Bob Menendez, New Jersey's senior senator who is on trial in lower Manhattan on federal corruption charges, filed petitions to run for re-election in November as an independent the day before New Jersey's primary election.

Candidates Andy Kim, Sue Altman tackle voter apathy, 'broken' system at Central NJ forum

Rep. Andy Kim, the Burlington County Democrat seeking his party's nomination for U.S. Senate, and Sue Altman, who is challenging Rep. Tom Kean Jr. in New Jersey's 7th Congressional district, met with grassroots activists to talk about how they would move a more progressive agenda in Washington forward.

Watch Andy Kim on 'Daily Show' talk politics, Senate race and New Jersey

New Jersey took center stage, and some gentle ribbing, on Comedy Central when congressman and Senate candidate Andy Kim appeared on "The Daily Show" to talk local and national politics.

Curtis Bashaw — and all NJ Republicans — face a Trump-laden obstacle course

There is nothing simple or easy for Bashaw’s long-shot bid for the Senate in blue-leaning Jersey. Like any New Jersey Republican who hails from its more centrist tradition, Bashaw is forced to navigate in the shadow of Donald Trump

Does the end of NJ's party line on primary ballots mean anything for Republicans?

Although a federal lawsuit brought by Rep. Andy Kim has led to a redesign of ballots for Democrats, New Jersey's county line ballot design is still in use for Republicans.

NJ's GOP is a broken-down old car — that could blow a chance at a US Senate seat | Mike Kelly

In these kinds of elections, you can find the grassroots of American politics -- including the weeds. But in New Jersey, this is where you can find some of the most disturbing evidence of how badly the party of Lincoln, Rockefeller, Reagan and Bush has deteriorated.

Tammy Murphy may seek office in New Jersey again: 'There is no question'

New Jersey first lady Tammy Murphy, who bailed from her bid for the U.S. Senate after a bruising first attempt at elected office, said that she intends to seek office again in the future.

Tammy Murphy suspends her campaign for New Jersey's US Senate seat

After about four months on the trail, New Jersey first lady Tammy Murphy has suspended her campaign for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate.

Sen. Bob Menendez won't seek Democratic nomination but aims for independent run

In a video posted to social media, Sen. Bob Menendez announced that while he’s not seeking the Democratic nomination to retain his seat this spring, he is still aiming to run this fall as an independent.

NJ county line ballot coverage

Third Circuit upholds federal order that ends the county line on NJ Democratic ballots

Democratic voters in New Jersey will use the office block ballot design in the June primary after a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia affirmed an earlier order from U.S. District Court in Trenton.

Elko County, NV 2018 Democratic primary ballot, left, and Sussex County, DE 2018 Democratic primary ballot, right, are examples of a block design and how it would look if Rep. Andy Kim prevails in his lawsuit.
Elko County, NV 2018 Democratic primary ballot, left, and Sussex County, DE 2018 Democratic primary ballot, right, are examples of a block design and how it would look if Rep. Andy Kim prevails in his lawsuit.

New Jersey county clerks drop federal appeal to preserve county-line ballot design

All of the New Jersey county clerks participating in the appeal of a federal order about the design of Democratic primary ballots last week have withdrawn from the case.

NJ county clerks appeal after federal judge's order that may undo the ballot county line

After a preliminary injunction from a federal judge put the fate of New Jersey's county line into question, 17 of the 19 county clerks named as defendants in the federal lawsuit challenging the ballot design have filed an appeal.

Federal judge’s ruling in Andy Kim’s lawsuit may doom the NJ county line

New Jersey’s county line — the preferential positioning given to candidates by county organizations — may meet its demise. Rep. Andy Kim’s federal lawsuit calling for an end to the county line moved forward.

Sen. Bob Menendez trial coverage

Bob Menendez is settling into a complex and dramatic trial — by crooning | Charlie Stile

The hallway outside the courtroom on the 23rd floor of the Daniel Patrick Moynihan federal courthouse in Manhattan was the last place I expected to hear the lilting tremolo of a lounge singer, crooning a cappella.My first guess was that it was music accidentally popping up on someone’s iPhone. But a colleague nodded in the direction of a corner where, sure enough, it was U.S. Senator and criminal defendant Bob Menendez

Scheme to benefit Egypt expected to be target of Sen. Menendez prosecutors at trial

Federal prosecutors are expected to dive into an alleged scheme in which Sen. Bob Menendez attempted to influence U.S. policy on Egypt as they continue to make their case in his corruption trial.

Bob Menendez says wife, Nadine Arslanian Menendez, is battling breast cancer

Less than 24 hours after his attorneys painted a picture of secrets and betrayal in a federal courtroom where they are co-defendants in an alleged corruption and bribery scheme, Sen. Bob Menendez announced that his wife, Nadine Arslanian Menendez, has breast cancer.

'Gold Bar Bob' Menendez faces Jersey music in new federal corruption trial | Charlie Stile

Once again, Sen. Bob Menendez is on trial on a raft of stranger-than-fiction accusations that he enriched himself, in collaboration with his wife, Nadine, as an under-the-table fixer for the Egyptian and Qatari governments.

Bob Menendez needs to explain himself to NJ voters. He has to testify | Mike Kelly

The Bob Menendez trial needs to call a special witness. This witness can clear up the mysteries in the case — most of them, anyway. He might even save himself and his fractured legacy. His name is Bob Menendez. It’s time New Jersey's senior U.S. senator explained himself.

Jose Uribe flipped. Here's why he bribed Bob Menendez with a new Mercedes

It’s one of the more startling accusations in the federal bribery case against Sen. Bob Menendez — that he traded his influence for a new Mercedes-Benz convertible for his wife after she totaled her own Mercedes in a crash that killed a pedestrian.  The North Jersey businessman who admitted making concealed payments on the $60,000 luxury car, Jose D. Uribe, is the least known of the five people indicted in the sweeping corruption scandal that extends to Egypt and Qatar — but he’s potentially the most significant.  Uribe is the only one to flip — pleading guilty to seven counts, including conspiracy to commit bribery and tax evasion — making him a likely key witness at the trial now underway in lower Manhattan.

Bob Menendez's trial begins Monday. How will his lawyers frame their defense strategy?

For the second time in his career as a United States senator, Bob Menendez will face trial over bribery and corruption charges. New Jersey voters will see how his defense unfolds in a federal courtroom in lower Manhattan.

Judge in Menendez bribery case warns lawyers: Stop wasting time with motions

With two weeks to go until Sen. Bob Menendez’s federal bribery and corruption trial is set to begin, the federal judge overseeing the case has made a request: Stop wasting time.

Bob Menendez' defense may blame wife Nadine Arslanian Menendez in federal bribery charges

Sen. Bob Menendez could pin his defense strategy on his wife and co-defendant, Nadine Arslanian Menendez — whom he may blame for withholding information from him in the events that led to their federal corruption charges, newly available court records show.

Sen. Bob Menendez and his wife, Nadine Arslanian Menendez, will be tried separately

Sen. Bob Menendez and his wife, Nadine Arslanian Menendez, will be tried separately on federal bribery and corruption charges, a federal judge ruled.

Perspective from Charlie Stile

The 2024 election will test the NJ county line's power. But only for Republicans | Charlie Stile

Will Curtis Bashaw's appearance as the preferred candidate of many New Jersey Republican bosses prove fruitful in his primary contest for the GOP's U.S. Senate nomination?

Steve Fulop is making enemies, not friends of the NJ Democratic Party. Why? | Charlie Stile

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, the 47-year-old ex-Marine and investment banker, on the other hand, seems to be going out of his way to antagonize the high council of elders who rule the New Jersey Democratic Party.

NJ residents want transparency in government. That much is clear | Charlie Stile

Transparency ― opening a public window on the grinding gears of government and party politics ― is all the rage these days.

It's over. New Jersey's county line is gone for good. Will our politics change? | Charlie Stile

Throughout their desperate last attempt to save New Jersey’s wobbling, boss-driven county machinery, Democratic Party lawyers relied on scare tactics. Changing the design of primary ballots this late in the election cycle, they argued in federal court, would only create “chaos” and confuse voters — the implication being that New Jersey voters would be too stupid to adapt to a change in format.

NJ's ballot line system is dead — the 'magnitude' will reverberate across politics | Charlie Stile

The temporary injunction aimed was a slam-dunk rejection of New Jersey’s Tammany Hall ballot system — the county line, as it's commonly called — which political bosses use to turn local and state legislators into rubber-stamp stooges for the party machine.

The Murphys want to protect their progressive NJ legacy — fueled by the line | Charlie Stile

The two leaders in The House of Murphy offered a unified, macro-defense of New Jersey's county line system, which gave us a two-term governor from Goldman Sachs.It is best summarized this way: Despite all the complaints from grassroots activists and progressives about the line balloting that gives endorsed candidates an unfair advantage in primaries, it still produced progressive leaders in New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy argued.

How far will the fallout from the end of Tammy Murphy's Senate campaign reach? | Charlie Stile

The stunning collapse of Tammy Murphy’s campaign for the U.S. Senate will reverberate for years. Here is a look at some of the fallout from her announcement.

As he seeks its destruction, Andy Kim must still navigate NJ's county line ballot | Charlie Stile

At a marathon court hearing over the fate of the county line ballot format, attorneys defending the system sought to undermine the credibility of the person who is trying to dismantle it: Rep. Andy Kim, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Is the NJ Democratic nomination for Senate really 'in play'? Can Kim win? | Stile

Rep. Andy Kim clearly had reasons to cast himself as the new momentum candidate after his stunning victory in the Monmouth County Democratic Convention last Saturday over hometown candidate Tammy Murphy for the U.S. Senate primary.

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