Guest Post: Limit Spending, Taxes and Regulations

Kelly Phillips Erb

Guest post by Christopher Ganiere:

Our current economic situation is terribly complex. However, it can be distilled down to a single concept. Our government over spends, over taxes and over regulates. Remember back in 2010, Congress (mostly the "D" party) passed a three thousand page bill with new spending, new taxes, new regulations, and an open ended series of new agencies and boards with "rule making" authority - this is authority to make new national laws without Congress or the President. Laws like this, multiplied by dozens of Congresses are the root of our current economic troubles. No citizen or business can keep up with the changing spending, taxation and regulation without spending incredible amounts of time, effort and money. People and companies ignore these laws, agencies and boards at their own peril. The solution is to take "rule making" authority back to Congress, where at least there is some public notification and debate before the law changes. Retract all rules previously enacted without passing Congress (and receiving the President's signature or veto override).


Christopher Ganiere is an architect that has been informally studying Austrian Economics and taxes since the 1990s. Most of his architecture career has focused on public school clients and documenting buildings for state plan checkers.


This guest post was submitted in response to my query about how the best way to deal with the current economic situation. This post does not necessarily reflect my thoughts and feelings nor do they represent any views held by Forbes.

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