Guatemala opposition politician says migrant massacre in Mexico may be 'state crime'

GUATEMALA CITY (Reuters) - The killings in Mexico of 14 Guatemalan migrants, suspected to have been murdered by police, may amount to a "state crime", a senior Guatemalan opposition politician said on Thursday.

They were among 19 victims of a massacre last month in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, where investigators have said they suspect at least a dozen state police of involvement.

Carlos Barreda, a senior member of Guatemala's National Unity of Hope (UNE) political party, told Reuters that UNE officials plan to travel to Tamaulipas in late February to seek information about the incident.

"Our objective is to request trial and punishment, and to request information to confirm whether it really is a state crime or not," Barreda said.

Mexico's foreign ministry did not immediately comment.

Barreda said he has been told the bodies of the killed Guatemalans would be brought back to their home country on Wednesday.

(Reporting by Sofia Menchu; Writing by Drazen Jorgic; Editing by Simon Cameron-Moore)