Groom’s crude wedding vows shock mom and horrify TikTok. ‘Downright disrespectful’

A Florida couple’s wedding vows have captured the attention of TikTok after a groom’s speech shocked his mother and appalled many online.

But the bride is standing by her new husband.

A wedding videographer for the couple, who live in Tampa, shared the speech on his TikTok, captioned, “You’re not gonna believe what he said in his vows.”

The groom, Michael Lentini, started his speech by saying, “there are only two things required to keep me happy,” and continued with a string of sexual remarks, suggestions for cooking improvements and comparisons to celebrity Margot Robbie.

For a brief moment, Lentini shares a sweet comment about the sound of tucking his children into bed before the speech again becomes sexual.

Warning: This video contains sexually explicit language.

Eventually, the officiator — who later is revealed to be his mom — snaps and says “Michael!” during his speech in an apparent attempt to discipline her son.

“Alright, being that I am his mom I will deal with him later, he is grounded. By all means,” she said after his speech.

While the audience groaned, reeled and at times laughed, many on TikTok, where the video was viewed millions of times, didn’t seem to find it funny.

“My jaw was on the floor. Is this real?” one person asked. “Immediately no.”

“I mean, she’s the one marrying him so I guess all that matters is if she thinks that’s okay…but I personally would be mortified,” another said.

“This is so sad. Funny vows are totally okay but his were downright disrespectful,” a third person commented. “You deserve so much better.”

It didn’t take long for the bride, Destiny, to come on TikTok to stand up for her now-husband.

“Yes I’m happy, yes I’m still married and yes I love my wedding and there is nothing I would change,” she said. “His vows showed a piece of his personality which is the humor side, which is definitely Michael.”

She did add that their two vows were quite opposite — his very outspoken and bold, hers not so much — but that didn’t mean she would change them, she assured viewers.

In response to that, many people began tagging the couple in a new program shared on TikTok that helps couples write their vows in secret, but compares the tone and length of them to help soon-to-be married couples meet in the middle without ever giving away their speech before their special day.

“If only that one guy had used this resource,” someone commented with a smiley face.

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