What grocery prices have dropped, risen recently in the DMV

WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — A new federal inflation report says the price of groceries last month did not waver from January. In the meantime, DC News Now has identified specific changes in prices at popular supermarkets in the DMV from February to March.

The USDA said grocery prices rose 5% last year, when meats, dairy, fats and oils became more costly. Meanwhile, the USDA added that food prices have increased 25% over the past four years.

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After logging lowest prices published online by Walmart, Giant and Safeway, several trends have emerged that consumers may wish to know before heading to the store.

Over the past month, a 12-count carton of brown eggs has become cheaper at Giant, now listed as low as $3, while Walmart’s lowest offer is $3.12 and Safeway’s is $5.99. One gallon of 2% milk has not changed in price in one month, coming in at $2.56 at Walmart, $3.99 at Giant and $4.99 at Safeway.

Since last week, 32 ounces of brown rice, chicken breast per-pound, and 12 ounce bags of broccoli remain the same price.

DC News Now found that russet potato prices increased 17 cents in one week at Giant, coming in at $1.26 each as of Tuesday. Meanwhile, ground beef prices rose $1.33 per-pound at Safeway in the past week.

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The lowest price offered for a 12-count carton of brown eggs at Giant is 50 cents cheaper this week, while they became $1 more expensive at Safeway.

Prices up across the board this week for low-priced boneless pork chop cuts between Walmart, Giant and Safeway; the lowest price offered at Walmart for $5.98 per-pound.

Before heading to the store, shoppers can save more cash with digital coupons through loyalty programs and store phone apps with exclusive offers.

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