What grocery items are posting the largest price increases? Well, it isn't steak, a report shows

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You need only spend a few minutes scanning the grocery store shelves to see food prices are climbing.

Food we make at home jumped nearly 11% in April compared to a year ago, the most recent Consumer Price Index shows.

Overall, the food index, which also takes in meals in restaurants, climbed 9.4%. It was the largest 12-month increase since 1981.

But you may be surprised at the grocery items that are climbing the most. Here's a look at how much some common products spiked last month, according to the Consumer Price Index:

  • Eggs, 22.6%

  • Butter and margarine, 19.2%

  • Citrus fruits, 18.6%

  • Bacon, 17.7%

  • Beef roast, 16.9%

  • Chicken, 16.4%

  • Ground beef, 14.8%

  • Milk, 14.7%

  • Roasted coffee, 14.7%

  • Lunch meat, 14.4%

  • Pork chops, 14%

  • Soups, 13.1%

  • Lettuce, 12.7%

  • Breakfast cereal, 12.1%

  • Steaks, 11.8%

  • Bread, 9.1%

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This article originally appeared on Des Moines Register: Food prices increase for common groceries including eggs and butter

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