Griffin, Moshi, Seidio Apple iPhone 6 Plus case roundup: Wallet, kickstand, and metal elegance

No other smartphone has an accessory market like the iPhone. Three new cases provide unique functionality and protection for the iPhone 6 Plus.

My iPhone 6 Plus, check out my full review, continues to be my preferred smartphone. Unlike other phones, I carry my iPhone 6 Plus in a case to make sure it doesn't bend in my pocket and I have a better grip on it.

I spent the last week with a few new cases from Griffin, Moshi, and Seidio. One lets me leave the wallet behind while also helping me enjoy video content, another wraps the iPhone in a rigid metal shell, and the last props the iPhone 6 Plus up for watching media content on the go while providing support for belt mounting.

You will find the pros, cons, price, and thoughts on who each case is for as you go through the image gallery.

After testing out each case, my personal preference is the Moshi iGlaze Armour due to the protection it offers while closely matching the style of the iPhone.

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I like the ability to carry my transit and key card with my iPhone 6 Plus, but I do worry about them slipping out the back straps of the iFrogz case. The new Griffin Wallet Case secures cards in the inside flap so there are no worries with card falling out.

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus has replaced my iPad Mini so I use it quite a bit for watching video content. I'm not a fan of holding my iPhone to watch media though so am looking for a great case with a kickstand.

  • Pros: Very well made with durable materials and solid construction, protective inner frame, two card slots for ID and cards, flip cover protects the display, props up for landscape media viewing

  • Cons: Front flap can be awkward during calls

  • Price: $39.99

  • Why choose this case: If you use Apple Pay a lot and want a case to replace your wallet, then you may like the Griffin Wallet Case. It is also a good alternative for video fans who don't mind the front cover and want their display protected.

Simple cases appeal to me, especially when I am wrapping the large iPhone 6 Plus inside them. The new Moshi iGlaze Armour closely matches the iPhone 6 Plus color and design while offering another layer of metal protection. It looks like a case that Apple might release.

The Moshi case only weighs 40 grams and adds very little thickness to the sides and back. The power and volume buttons are enclosed while there are openings for the ringer switch, Lightning port, headphone jack, and speaker.

  • Pros: Colors that match your iPhone 6 Plus, attractive and rugged aluminum backplate with Apple logo cutout, raised bezel to protect the display when face down

  • Cons: Expensive, no screen protection, tough to remove your iPhone 6 Plus

  • Price: $44.95

  • Why choose this case: If you want a case that maintains the fantastic look and feel of metal, then the iGlaze Armour is one to consider. I love the added protection, including improving resistance to bend, improved grip due to the matte finish sides, and open circle around the Apple logo.

Many of my previous cases with a kickstand were manufactured by Seidio. Their new Surface combo comes with a holster for carrying your iPhone 6 Plus on a belt. I saw several people still using belt clip cases at a conference last weekend so there are still people using this method even though I personally just carry my phone in my pocket.

  • Pros: Soft touch exterior to improve grip, rigid lightweight shell, soft felt lining, stable metal kickstand, eight available colors

  • Cons: Expensive

  • Price: $54.95

  • Why choose this case: If you still carry your phone on your belt, then Seidio makes a rugged and functional holster for the iPhone 6 Plus. You can use it without the holster and have a solid platform for watching video content without adding much size or weight to your iPhone 6 Plus..