Greta Thunberg mocks 'Build Back Better' at climate rally in Berlin

During a Fridays for Future climate strike rally in Berlin on Friday, activist Greta Thunberg mocked the phrase “Build Back Better,” which is the title of President Biden’s economic agenda.

Video Transcript

GRETA THUNBERG: And now as we move out of the pandemic, many are talking about using this as an opportunity for a green, sustainable recovery, whatever that means. And world leaders are talking about building back better, promising green investments, and setting vague and distant climate targets in order to say that they are taking climate action.

However, the fact that we are in a crisis that we cannot build, buy, or invest our way out of seems to create some kind of collective mental short-circuit among the people in power. And the longer they pretend that we can solve the climate crisis within today's system, the more invaluable time we will lose.

But even if we ignore that fact, when you look at we are actually investing in the money in, the money that's supposed to be building back better, it shows the hypocrisy of our leaders. It turns out that the green recovery they are talking about isn't so green after all.

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