Gregg Hall is a pro

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Being a professional musician isn’t easy. Sure, from the layman’s side, it looks like a party every night and nothing but fun, fun, fun. The truth is that it is incredibly hard work. Yes, there is fun had… but it takes a lot of preparation, planning, blood, sweat and tears to ensure that fun will be had. Sure, talent is needed to be able to call one’s self “professional” but by no means is it the most important attribute. The mental, physical and emotional strength it takes to be a professional musician, on any level, is staggering to most people and takes a special breed of person to actually accomplish.

Gregg Hall is that type of person. His talent is obvious. You only need to hear a few moments of his songs to understand how he has found a home on stages big and small. You also can listen to any number of the songs he has written and fully grasp that he knows his way around a stanza. What you can’t calculate is the toughness it has taken to get to where he is. The number of nights he has spent on the road, in front of strangers, selling those stanzas on those stages is innumerable. The moments he’s missed so that he could put food on his family’s table or the number of times that it just “didn’t work out” is just as incalculable. But, he has kept going and turned those triumphs and tragedies into a multi-decade career.

Of course, Hall already said it better than I could. On his album “Echoes from the Treetops” he has a song called “Still Standin’” where he says, “No one ever dreamed it would last so long. Have a little trust in your destiny. Have faith in what you believe, peace and love to your family.”

Hall says his biggest wish, his pie-in-the-sky goal, for his career would be to write songs for other people and spend his time at home… “and still play in the band once in a while.”

And there is the difference.

Gregg “Cheech” Hall was born to play music. And he does it very well. He has a way of captivating what’s in front of him. Whether he is singing about “Goin’ Home” or the “Cardinal” singing on his front porch (both songs found on Echoes from the Treetops) you can both feel and see what he does. He puts you right at the center of what’s going on in his world. He doesn’t do it with melodrama or overt theatrics. He does it with truth. He does it by baring himself to you for a few minutes. He does it by sharing with you the same things that made him capable of being a professional musician.

Do yourself a favor, head over to his website, and check out the “Shows Page”. Find the date and venue that is closest to you… or farthest away and make a trip of it… and go see Gregg Hall. Go see the Wrecking Ball. Go see The White Iron Band. Get your tickets for Deece Fest. Go to any or all of those and more. Because right here… in La Crosse County… we have a bonified, road-tested, and battle-proven Professional Musician who will leave you wanting more.

His name is Gregg “Cheech” Hall, and he has a lot to show you.

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