Greenville passes ordinance against 'unnecessary exhibitions of speed and acceleration'

Sep. 16—Those who enjoy showing off the power of their vehicles by peeling out of parking lots or "putting the pedal to the metal" when it isn't necessary may want to think twice if driving in Greenville — as a new rule against unnecessary "exhibitions of speed" or "exhibitions of acceleration" will soon go into effect.

The Greenville City Council approved the ordinance Tuesday with the intent of giving police officers "greater flexibility" in responding to instances of dangerous driving that don't necessarily fall within the Texas Penal Code's definitions of "reckless driving" or "street racing."

"This is to outlaw kids from doing donuts in the SportsPark parking lot," Greenville city attorney Daniel Ray said in reference to several recent reports of people peeling out of the SportsPark, which has already resulted in some speed bumps being damaged.

"I know several [city council members] have had calls from people who live close to the SportsPark who hear [tires screeching] all the time," Ray added. "Nobody has been seriously injured by doing this stuff yet that I know of, but it's just a matter of time."

The ordinance is expected to go into effect Friday, Sept. 22.