Greenscape Gardens shares on prepping for gardening

MANCHESTER, Mo. – The mild weather has recently continued to keep people outdoors in hopes of getting work started in their yards and gardens, and it’s finally time.

Greenscape Gardens has been open for a week now and they’re ready for a busy weekend with people wanting to get back outside after a few rainy days.

Beth Kusmin, the annuals and tropicals manager at Greenscape Gardens, says everything is ahead of schedule and looking great thanks to all the 70 F weather we’ve seen recently.

Moving into the weekend, there are hopes that the cold dip in temperatures over the next few nights won’t ruin all the blooms we’re seeing on big trees.

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Water is important this time of year and while the recent soaking rain has been great, Kusmin says to make sure we do our best to hook up the hose if we get another warm and dry spell. She recommended other tasks to tackle as well, such as what is okay to put in the ground.

“Get that ground nice and saturated. You might want to look at getting your preemergent out to kind of control your weeds. The wetter the soil is, the easier it is to pluck up those unwanted weeds. Get your mulch layer down,” Kusmin said. “We’ve got pansies; we’ve got sweet alyssum that smells fantastic. Ranunculus is a good one.”

It’s important to get preemergent down before everything starts seeding and water it in with either a hose or right before a heavy rainfall.

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