Greeneville organization offers utility bill assistance

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – Winter weather is causing residents in the region to experience an increase in their utility bills.

The Greeneville/Greene County Community Ministries Food Bank is one organization that offers assistance.

“If they have children, then they can get help with their electric bill up to four times in a year,” Executive Director Carmen Ricker said.

Ricker told News Channel 11 that they give about $200 to those in need.

“We have to have a limit on how much we can do in a certain time, in a year’s time, unless you have an extreme emergency,” Ricker said.

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The food bank benefits from the Greeneville Light and Power’s round-up program.

“The round-up program is where customers round their payment up to the next dollar,” Greeneville Energy Authority president and CEO Chuck Bowlin said. “We match some of those funds and that goes to the food bank, typically there’s between 14 and $15,000 a month that goes over there to be given to customers in need.”

Bowlin said there are some ways you can try and keep your monthly bill low.

“Some things you can do is moderate the temperature on your thermostat. Try to keep it 65 to no more and 68 degrees,” said Bowlin. “Try to get all the drafts around your windows and your doors, keeping your shades closed during the night hours especially, and then open it up, to take advantage of the solar radiation during the daytime.”

The Upper East Tennessee Human Development Agency is another organization that offers utility bill assistance.

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