Greene County certifies 114 candidates for November election

Aug. 18—The Greene County Board of Elections on Monday certified 114 candidates running for municipal, Twp. and school board offices in the November election.

The board received a total of 130 applications, rejecting 16 due to fatal error, typically indicated by lack of signatures or errors that invalidate certain signatures, including failing to register as a candidate before accruing signatures.

Other petitions had clerical errors, but were still approved by the board.

"The intent was there," Board of Elections Director Alisha Beeler said. "The ones that got through didn't fill out a second section, which had redundant information."

Candidates are running unopposed in several county races, including those for Beavercreek city council and Beavercreek Twp.

Kim McCarthy, former Democratic candidate for state representative, is among four candidates running for Sugarcreek Twp. trustee, challenging incumbent Fred Cramer.

Greene County candidates on Nov. 2 ballot

Bath Twp. Trustee

Michelle Clements

Rob Hoffman

Tom Pitstick

Steve Ross

Beavercreek City Council

Glen Duerr

Joanna L. Garcia

Tiffany Schwartz

Beavercreek Twp. Trustee

Tom Kretz

Debborah L. Wallace

Bellbrook City Council

Meredith Brinegar

Katherine R. Cyphers

Forrest Greenwood

Brady Harding

Bellbrook City Mayor

Michael W. Schweller

Ceasercreek Twp. Trustee

Tim Kerns

Jeromy Smith

Donald VanTress

Cedarville Twp. Trustee

Timothy R. Boeck

Debbie Krajicek

Cedarville Twp. Fiscal Officer

Jennifer Orr

Cedarville Village Council

John Cody Jr.

Guy Darren Dawes

Harold L. Stancliff

Clifton Village Council

Anthony Satariano

Fairborn City Council

Adam Fritzche

Jerry Guess

Rodney McCubbins

Mary Reaster

Greene County Educational Services Center

Elizabeth Betz

Jamestown Village Council

Joel Armlovich

Kyle Calhoun

Anita S. Chaney

Jonathan Crosswhite

Lefonda Sue McDaniel

Jefferson Twp. Trustee

Gary W. Burch

Richard Zehring

Miami Twp. Trustee

Donald H. Hollister

Marilan M. Moir

Dino Pallotta

Denise Swinger

Zo Van Eaton-Meister

New Jasper Twp. Trustee

Philip Clevenger

Mike Horsley

Pam Kingsolver

Lisa Townsend

New Jasper Twp. Fiscal Officer

Amy B. Test

Ross Twp. Trustee

David Boeck

Mark Campbell

James Spahr

Silvercreek Twp. Trustee

James Gordon Dwyer

Tony Whaley

Spring Valley Twp. Trustee

John DeWine

Paul J. Martin

Spring Valley Village Council

R. Nicholas Anderson

Ashley Crawford

Carol J. Harner

Sugarcreek Twp. Trustee

Bob Baird

Fred Cramer

Kim McCarthy

Marvin Moeller

Sugarcreek Twp. Fiscal Officer

Richard J. Demko

Xenia City Council

Jeremy Cox

Levi P. Dean

Ethan Reynolds

Wesley Smith

William Urschel

Xenia City Mayor

Dale Louderback

Sarah J. Mays

Xenia Twp. Trustee

L. Stephen Combs

Scott W. Miller

Jeremy VanDyne

Yellow Springs Village Council

Carmen V. Brown

Lindsay Burke

Laura Curliss

Brian Housh

Scott Osterholm

Kevin D. Stokes

Issa Walker

Yellow Springs Village Mayor

Pam Conine