'Green on blue attacks to remain signature of Afghan war', admits 'livid' top US official

Washington, Sep 29 (ANI): Top US commander in Afghanistan, Marine General John Allen has said that the incidents regarding the so-called "insider" or "green on blue" attacks will likely remain the "signature" challenge of the war in Afghanistan, even after the U.S. withdrawal in 2014.

"I'm mad as hell about them, to be honest with you. We're willing to sacrifice a lot for this campaign, but we're not willing to be murdered for it," Allen told CBS News, adding that the "vast majority of Afghans... they're with us in this."

Allen said that just as IEDs, or homemade bombs, became the signature weapon of the Iraq war and the U.S. military had to adapt to counter them, he believes that in Afghanistan, "the signature attack that we're beginning see is going to be the insider attack."

However, the commander did not say whether the sharp rise in insider attacks, which have killed 51 Western troops this year, most of them Americans, would force a change in the Obama administration's timetable to have all combat troops out of Afghanistan by 2014, the report said.

Allen's full comments will appear during an interview on "60 minutes" with Lara Logan. (ANI)