Green Bay Packers receive solid grades all around as NFLPA Report Cards release

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The National Football League’s Players Association (NFLPA) has released its 2024 Team Report Cards, and the Green Bay Packers received several good grades, with a C+ being its worst.

The NFLPA releases the team report cards to improve the overall working conditions for their players, which includes the daily experience of players at the team facilities away from the lights and cameras.

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1,706 players from the NFLPA provided information to share with one another about their current club to not only help them make important career decisions but also help raise standards across the league.

Each team was graded into 11 categories: Treatment of Families, Food/Cafeteria, Nutritionist/Dietician, Locker Room, Training Room, Training Staff, Weight Room, Strength Coaches, Team Travel, Head Coach, and Ownership.

After the grade, the NFLPA also shows where the team ranked out of all 32 NFL teams. Take a look at how the Packers were graded for their 2024 Team Report Card:

Treatment of Families – C+ (10th out of 32)

This is the Green Bay Packers’ worst letter grade on its 2024 Team Report Card, which shows the Packers are an excellent organization.

The team provides a family room at the stadium, but they are one of seven teams that do not offer daycare support for players’ children on gameday.

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The top change players would like to improve providing daycare for their children on gameday, like most of the other teams in the league.

In 2023, the Packers had a B+ and were tied for 5th overall in this category.

The Minnesota Vikings led the way in 2024, while the Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Washington Commanders received an F-.

Food/Cafeteria – B+ (6th out of 32)

This rating is pretty straight to the point, according to the NFLPA. The Packers rank 6th overall in food taste, 6th overall in food freshness, and 6th overall in the NFL.

In 2023, the Packers had an A and were tied for 1st overall in this category.

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The Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins were the only teams to receive an A in 2024. The Cincinnati Bengals were the only team to receive an F-.

Nutritionist/Dietician – B (14th out of 32)

Only 76% of players feel like they get an individualized plan, ranking 22nd overall in the NFL.

This is a new category for 2024.

The Vikings and Dolphins led the way with the only two As, while the Bengals were again at the bottom with an F-.

Locker Room – B- (15th out of 32)

The Packers have some positives and negatives with the team’s locker room. 92% of players feel the locker room is big enough (13th overall in the NFL).

88% of players feel they have enough room in their individual lockers, ranking the team 15th overall in that subcategory.

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Most players believe the current locker room provides plenty of space, but some say it could use a little updating.

In 2023, the Packers received a B and were tied for 14th overall.

The Dallas Cowboys ranked first in the locker room, while the Commanders received an F-.

Training Room – B (11th out of 32)

91% of players feel they have enough full-time trainers, ranking them 15th in the subcategory. Additionally, 82% of players think they have enough full-time physical therapists, which is 20th overall in the NFL.

The Packers thrive on their hot and cold tub spaces, as 98% of players feel they have enough hot tub space, 5th overall in the NFL. All players believe they have enough cold tub space, 1st overall in the league.

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The most prominent improvement players suggest is more physical therapists on staff to help with rehabilitation.

In 2023, the Packers received a B- and ranked tied for 11th out of 32.

The Dolphins topped the league again in 2024 with the only A. The Commanders had yet another F-.

Training Staff – B (16th out of 32)

The team’s head trainer received the fourth-highest individual grade among trainers in the league. According to the Packers team website, Bryan Engel is the director of sports medicine and the head athletic trainer.

86% of players feel they receive enough one-on-one treatment, ranking 18th overall in the subcategory. The players feel that the training staff moderately contributes to their success, ranking 21st out of 32 in the NFL.

In 2023, the Packers received an A- and ranked 15th out of 32.

Not a single training staff received an A, but the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, New York Giants, Eagles, and Dolphins all got A- grades. The Commanders and the Kansas City Chiefs were the only two NFL teams with an F in this category.

Weight Room – A (7th out of 32)

The players feel they have high-quality equipment in the weight room (8th overall) and also believe there is ample space (7th overall).

The Packers’ weight room was a highlight in 2023, receiving an A and ranking tied for 5th.

In 2024, the Buffalo Bills, Las Vegas Raiders, and Dolphins received an A+ for their spectacular weight rooms. The Patriots and Falcons were the only two teams to get an F.

Strength Coaches – A- (8th out of 32)

93% of Packers players feel like they get an individualized strength plan, ranking 13th in the NFL in that subcategory.

The players think that the strength coach significantly contributes to their success on the field, ranking 6th overall.

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The Packers received an A in 2023 and tied for 10th overall.

The Commanders have spent most of the 2024 NFLPA Team Report Cards at the bottom of the list, but they top this category with an A. The Panthers, Vikings, Bills, and Dolphins also received an A.

Aside from the Falcons, who had the only F, every other team received at least a C-.

Team Travel – B+ (4th out of 32)

93% of players feel like they have a comfortable amount of space during flights to away games, ranking 8th overall in the NFL.

The Packers also do not require players to have roommates before games, allowing for privacy.

In 2023, the Packers received an A and tied for 4th overall.

The Dolphins were the only team in this category to have an A. The Tennessee Titans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Commanders all received an F.

Head Coach – B+ (21st out of 32)

92% of players feel head coach Matt LaFleur is efficient with their time, ranking 15th in the NFL.

Coach LaFleur’s biggest room for improvement, according to the NFLPA, is listening to players in the locker room. In the team report card, LaFleur was graded as “moderately willing to listen to the locker room,” ranking 26th out of 32 in the league.

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This is a new category for 2024.

Only three coaches in the National Football League received an A+, those being Super Bowl Champion Andy Reid of the Chiefs, Detroit’s Dan Campbell, who has electrified the team with his “biting at the kneecaps” mentality, and Kevin O’Connell of the Minnesota Vikings.

Former Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels was the lowest-rated coach, receiving a D letter grade.

Ownership – A (6th out of 32)

This is based on the Packers CEO Mark Murphy, who received a 9.5 out of 10 from the players when considering his willingness to reinvest in team facilities.

This is a new category for 2024.

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The Dolphins and Vikings are the only two teams to receive an A+. Despite coming off a Super Bowl victory, Kansas City Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt received a 4.9 out of 10 when considering his willingness to invest in the facilities. That is good enough for an F-.

To view the entire report card, click here.

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