Greek newscaster bombarded with dairy products on-air [VIDEO]

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Greek newscaster Panagiotis Vourhas got a free taste of yogurt and eggs Friday evening after activists enraged by his interview with a neo-Nazi bombarded him with dairy products on the air.

Last week, Vourhas interviewed a member of the Chrysi Avgi, an openly neo-Nazi and anti-immigrant political party in Greece. Needless to say, a lot of people were not pleased.

A video shows Vourhas sitting with a guest on set when all of a sudden wads of dairy products are thrown at the anchor. As the other man is seen quickly rushing off stage, Vourhas just stands there and takes the hits for a good minute.

He then casually wipes off his suit and walks off like nothing happened. Maybe he just really likes yogurt, but we’re sure he’ll think twice before doing an interview like that again.


YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

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Greek newscaster bombarded with dairy products on-air [VIDEO]

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