The Greatest Photograph Ever Taken of Planet Earth—Part 2

Last May, you all went gaga over this composite photograph of our third rock from the sun. You ooh’ed and ahh’ed and lavished the image with all kinds of kudos, including those of the creepy persuasion (“It’s like seeing someone naked for the first time”).

Well, a new photo of Mother Earth has surfaced (pun intended) and it definitely deserves more of your interwebular ogling.

So please comment away on this snapshot taken from the International Space Station by ESA astronaut Puca Parminato on June 25.

As you do, as you lovebomb the only planet you’re ever likely to inhabit with aesthetic praise, I won’t at all be thinking about how her blue skies are one big, fat white lie.

I promise my mind won’t be pondering mountaintop mining. I won’t be biting my nails over ocean dead zones. Or dreading the eventual start of World War Water. I won’t fret about how global warming is turning polar bears into cannibals. I’ll do my best not to lament the runaway freight train that is overpopulation. I’ll really try to avoid ruminating on any of the other incalculable ecological atrocities that we, as Earth’s fossil fuel-burning lead dog species, commit under her canopy each and every day. No, I won’t do any of that. At all. I promise.

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