Greater Akron real estate sales: Here's what homes sold for week of April 11



1196 Atwood Ave, Carter Ryan M to Hatcher Shawnta, $63,500

267 Eastholm Ave, Buchanan Wayne R to Pietrocini Faith M, $119,000

898 Chinook Ave, Jordan Duane E to Crook Chloe, $124,000

905 & 907 Berwin St, MTM Real Estate Investors LLC to Stretch Island Investments LLC, $183,900

1224 Carey Ave, S E S Renovations LLC to Ruschak Abigail R, $114,000

1564 Berendo Ave, Tiki Properties IV LLC to Equity Trust Co Custodian, $70,100

1182 Tulip St, Vue Seng to Madden Gregory Steven, $94,000

1519 Hillcrest St, Parker Christina M to Catch 81 Properties LLC, $78,500

479 Hammel St, Willard Russel J to Willard Cameron, $4,952

2462 Ogden Ave, Kunz Edmund S to Geary Jenna Marie, $82,900

1205 Belleflower Rd, Par Rentals LLC to Brinkley Rose M, $67,500

752 Morgan Ave, Lewis Russell R to Feltrin Mark, $40,000

1189 Oakland Ave, Grace Partnership Investments LLC to Tomic Tamara, $116,000

1022 Allendale Ave, Budding Carlos A to Harris Marcel, $60,000

399 E Archwood Ave, Jones Baker Kimberly A to Essili Mohamed, $88,400

700 Sunnyside Ave, Schneider Andrew N to Grabenbauer Kurt, $470,000

41 Ames Ct, Sylheti Investment Inc to Tsukuda Claire K, $61,000

1953 Stockbridge Rd, Foreman Shannon J to Sekhar Dilip Kumar Kotlapati, $650,000

303 E Linwood Ave, Baker Nancy L to Lampe John, $142,000

699 W Exchange St, Boronka Andrew to Steinfeld Nurit, $107,500

802 Valdes Ave, Livingston Joseph L to Byars Steve, $25,000

2595 Shelburn Ave, Rotondo Noah A to Callahan Vickie, $86,600

620 Inverness Rd, Pajk John A to Harrison Tawana, $400,000

606 Crouse St, Freitag Kim Maxwell to Farmer Jonathan J, $25,000

2448 Triplett Blvd, Cox Kenneth M to Rodriguez Patricia, $11,000

145 High Grove Blvd, Hamad Nicholas M to Puckett Janice, $112,000

68 Grand Ave, Winder David to York Brandon T, $126,500

692 Patterson Ave, Testa Eugene M Trustee to Hackathorn Jonathan, $107,000

1180 Nordica Ave, Fleischer Investments II LLC to Elkins Joseph, $69,900

2016 SW 13th St, Re & Re Properties LLC to RNL Real Property Holdings LLC, $75,000

622 Payne Ave, Lollar Handsome to Black Stripe Properties LLC, $73,000

593 Cole Ave, Emerick Ilse M to Terteryan Armen, $70,000

2226 Thurmont Rd, Amd Property Co LLC to Khater Monther T, $121,600

361 N Adams St, Harris Dolores to Stanford & Sons LLC, $40,000

355 Village Pointe Dr, Pointe West PR LLC to Martin Lauren A, $125,000

839 Harrison Ave, Abc Roofing Inc to Innovation Property Investments LLC, $40,000

93 S Balch St, Bobby Mascio 2 LLC to White Michael A, $58,000

1090 Greenwood Ave, K S Yoak Enterprises LLC to Rood Benjamin, $125,000

515 Avalon Ave, BPDM Properties 2018 1 LLC to Property Junkie LLC, $65,000

731 Garfield St, Chambliss Gregory B to 4 Leaf Clover Enterprises LLC, $2,500

2351 Briner Ave, Chitty Terry R to Blood Robert P, $90,000

722 Frase Ave, Baker James E to George Angela L, $40,000

798 Sheridan Ave, Weems Shacoby J to Yonts Tiffany, $50,000

1032 Emma Ave, Kinzel Brian to Pouchet Frank J, $165,000

371 Beth St, Allison Melanie Latrice to Clayton Property Management Inc, $16,000

527 Moreley Ave, Dagomba Properties LLC to Adams Ashlyn B, $215,000

175 Russell Ave, Moore Quality Enterprises LLC to BRB Investment Holdings LLC, $75,000

253 E Ido Ave, Bill Lora A to Mautz Justin, $55,000

640 W Thornton St, Lewis Rodney to Meriggiare LLC, $76,900

515 Avalon Ave, Property Junkie LLC to Riverside County Acquisitions LLC, $85,000

456 Merriman Rd, Fox Robert to Flatiron Properties LLC, $453,100

859 Davies Ave, Lanni Marie C to Eye Kimberly Lisa, $70,000

288 Morningview Ave, Oreilly Jill E to Finucan Kevin John, $98,000

2331 E Market St, Brown William Fondren to D&H Properties LLC, $30,000

493 Gage St, Lacolla Charles J to Blanco Meghan, $105,000

750 Clearview Ave, Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Association to Jenco Kevin, $62,500

732 Newcastle Dr, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church to Mills Joseph Peter, $195,000

579 Wilson St, Ayers Pamela to Light Center Recovery LLC, $15,000

1953 Stansberry Cir, Leek Chad M to Davis James E Jr, $295,000

1244 Woodward Ave, Byers David A to Bagley Brandon E, $150,000

790 W Thornton St, Lloyd Yvette to Topp Down Realty Ltd, $17,000

652 Triplett Blvd, Alspach Edgar Alan to Waters Cheyanne, $115,000

319 Lloyd St, Recklaw David to Drager Cammeron W, $24,730

711 & 719 Carroll St, Rasalan Aurora Trustee to All Furnished Rentals LLC, $111,550

709 & 717 Carroll St, Rosalan Aurora Trustee to All Furnished Rentals LLC, $111,550

373 N Firestone Blvd, Dabco Sma III LLC to Dal Capital Rentals LLC, $63,180

760 Polk Ave, Speicher David to Smith Gabriel M, $89,000

315 Shawnee Path, Dulabahn Justin S to Lantzy Ryan, $79,000

765 Eugene St, Stormsurge Enterprises Ltd to Patterson Keith James, $54,900

76 Pfeiffer Ave, Mchenry Robin to Taylor Amy Sue, $140,000

908 Davis St, Meriggiare LLC to NDP LLC, $90,000

1201 Tampa Ave, Meriggiare LLC to Baubal LLC, $82,000

710 MC Kinley Ave, Stormsurge Enterprises Ltd to Romine Jordan, $44,900

2301 Parker Rd, Forrer David S to Scroggins Kathleen M, $530,000

644 Diagonal Rd, K Hovnanian Aspire at Auld Farm LLC to Emmet Denise E, $253,820

472 Auld Farm Cir, K Hovnanian Aspire at Auld Farms LLC to Edwards Stephanie J, $65,000

1247 Dover Ave, Clark Joyce to Wardle Damian M, $131,500

545 Winfield Way, Keagle David James to Keagle David James, $53,470

1883 Congo St, Okolish Joseph A to Guseman Sheri, $85,900

1749 Flint Ave, Wells Roy Jr to Bala Real Estate LLC, $77,500

2518 Ardwell Ave, Jennings Craig A Trustee to Eye Randy M, $158,000

2647 Shelburn Ave, Strasser James E to Lowe James D, $170,000

1307 Nestor Ave, Elmer Peter J to Clara St LLC, $54,500

736 Dayton St, Myers Andrew D to Za Nay, $100,000

501 Noah Ave, Yoder Steven to Clara St LLC, $32,500

1054 Winhurst Dr, Madick Rita Kelly to Vasquez Christopher, $210,000

1665 Tonawanda Ave, Underwood Matthew R to Precht Christopher, $105,000

395 Morningview Ave, Gossett Lee to Clara St LLC, $70,000

1296 Tonawanda Ave, Smithley Carol S to Hale Shannon L, $73,000

1311 Dietz Ave, First Priority Property Management to Tyler Marvin Jr, $71,430


620 E Ford Ave, Genet Benjamin H to Young Sophia, $110,000

1428 Grand Blvd, Ayala Rafael to Ridgill Crystal D, $105,000

76 21st St NW, Carter Lonny Jr to Martinez Jose Alejandro, $23,000

5257 Fairland Rd, East New Haven LLC to NVR Inc, $32,500

5248 Fredrick St, East New Haven LLC to NVR Inc, $32,500

66 Waltz Dr, Schoenbaechler Limited II to Trinidad Amanda Marie, $95,000

621 Creedmore Ave, Beatty Lonnie D to K S Yoak Enterprises LLC, $30,000

20 E Hiram St, Elite Home Remodels LLC to Pack Nichele Lynn, $174,900

78 17th St NW, Upshaw Monica to Varian Younes, $2,300

640 E Lake Ave, Hessedence Gary R to Miller Patrick, $64,000

413 E Park Ave, Boden Amy to Bala Real Estate LLC, $125,000

673 N Azalea Blvd, Tenyak David J Trustee to Bunn Debra A, $229,900

108 Meadow Ct, Anderson Mark A to Byrne Joseph M, $88,000

2653 Himelrigh Blvd, NVR Inc to Thomas Rina, $267,945

Bath Township

710 Westridge Rd, Hascher Norma J Trustee to Brittain Molly Anne, $410,000

1025 Duncan Spur, Zuchowski Timothy D to Mortimer Crystal A, $318,000

1036 Rambling Way, Witmer Patricia A to Zackaroff Ilene, $575,000

Boston Township

2343 Major Rd, Ensign Mary J to Rawley Patrick M Trustee, $195,000


parcel 2701917 Van Buren Rd, Ayer Eric J to Sweetnich Paul, $20,000

parcel 2701919 Van Buren Rd, Robinson Micahel to Sweetnich Paul, $25,000

7395 Cleveland Massillon Rd, Good Wilbur J to Bell Timothy A, $120,000

Copley Township

1422 Milan Ave, Williams Vanessa to Putt Jonathan L, $380,000

2564 Stonecreek Dr, Mathey & Co Inc to Taylor Lashonda M, $345,000

4753 Copley Rd, KNL Custom Homes Inc to Wright Paul W Jr, $145,000

4395 Ridge Crest Dr, Smoot Gathalyn L to Opendoor Property Trust, $461,000

Coventry Township

3484 S Main St, Duffield Joyce A Trustee to Huber Joseph V, $1,010,000

Cuyahoga Falls

2110 Suncrest Dr, Conner David to Raymer Nancy K, $150,000

1053 Howe Ave, Stewardship Properties LLC to Larkin Street Homes LLC, $164,000

641 Lehigh Ave, Patonai James Alexander to Wiseman Thomas, $150,000

940 Falls Ave, Kelley Stacie M to Brown Leeah, $155,000

1772 11th St, Renicker Marian D to Stringer Alec B, $174,011

1440 Broad Blvd, Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd to Goddard Samuel, $217,000

2890 7th St, Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB5 to Finer Home Improvements LLC, $111,000

2808 Oakwood Dr, Whetsel Karen Lee to Stanley Neal P, $145,000

1862 Hanover St, Mcguinness Sherri D Trustee to Antick LLC, $145,000

2371 27th St, Quick Phillip L to Hileman Christopher, $175,000

230 Graham Rd, Graham Michael to Decipeda Rodney, $150,000

1840 15th St, Holden David R to Hooten Alexandria, $174,000

1631 18th St, Johnson Renee M to Frohn Alison, $227,000


2992 Silver Maple Dr, Bouffard David A to Paya Patrick II, $514,000

2513 Carson Rd, Richardson Donald W Trustee to Richardson Christy A, $85,000

3800 Rosemont Blvd, Hom Pui Hang to Vickers David, $130,000

2420 Place De Bordeaux, Lesneski Bernard F Trustee to Dhinojwala Sarah, $440,000

3371 Lenox Village Dr, Reno Dennis W to My Husky Homes LLC, $160,000

1009 Bunker Dr, Gerdes Charles E Co Trustee to Levitt Ronald D Trustee, $255,000

1012 Bunker Dr, Levy Celia R to Gerdes Charles E Trustee, $154,000


1560 Applewood Way, Rasicci Patrick A to Vogt Christopher J, $296,000

2320 Greensburg Rd, Crewes Judy I to Enterprise C LLC, $100,000

2222 Hi Vue Dr, Lutz Michael L Jr to Bailey Sydney, $255,500

1794 Sawgrass Dr, Sickel Brent K to Krebs Amanda R, $400,000

2637 Cardington Green, Stoudt Ronald L to Rasicci Patrick, $250,000

3007 Long Rd, Lindsey Kimberly A to Diorio Johnathan H, $120,000

189 Deer Valley Dr, Edge Jeffery K to Loyd Garrett A, $72,500

2985 Graybill Rd, DCS Development Corporation Inc to Kroh Ethan F, $149,000

1359 Maple Grove Ln, K Hovnanian Forest Lakes LLC to Breitenbach Deborah A, $261,745

2000 Turkeyfoot Lake, Zimmermann Leanne D to Neil Matthew J, $190,000


295 Boston Mills Rd, Kerr Michele to Smith Thomas A, $485,000

702 Cutler Ln, Parry Jeanette M to Liske Kurt A, $399,000

7405 Andover Way, Small Robert M to Uppal Saurav, $729,900

7032 Darrow Rd, Campbell Mathew L to Zartman Robert L, $250,000

6646 Rosewood Trl, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Li Yang, $621,895

160 Parmelee Dr, Stedillie Anthony J to Bozsony John, $478,100

5825 Timberline Trl, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Magdalla Bishoy, $777,900

77 Atterbury Blvd, Luzar Joseph J to Klutstein Meyer Marilyn, $120,000

parcel 3000415 Hudson Rd, Tiperary Limited Liability Company to Natural Areas Land Conservancy, $450,000

2374 Middleton Rd, Piazza Paul V to Baiko David C, $625,000

2815 Blue Heron Dr, Hourigan Gerard C to Obergefell Jonathan D, $528,000


3171 Sunny Brook Dr, NVR Inc to Rai Raj, $305,555

3179 Sunny Brook Dr, NVR Inc to Thulung Monish, $309,250

3315 Stafford Dr, TWL Hidden Lake LLC to NVR Inc, $48,454


1010 Ledge Rd, Flashhouse Cle East LLC to Rai Sunita Maya, $315,000

257 Dovecote Trce, Magid Zakhar to Hilborn Jamie L, $235,000

8466 Cliffview Cir, Larich Kelly to Bachman Joshua, $451,250

New Franklin

3771 S Turkeyfoot Rd, Lake Life Ventures LLC to Stopar Pia Isabella, $201,000

parcel 2305706 Hampsher Rd, Shaub David A to Abell Kevin, $90,000

1265 Center Rd, Starcher Nathan D to Belknap Amy N Haslage, $95,000

Northfield Center Township

43 Woodbury Lane, Kapusi Christina Lynn to Sledge Marchay, $193,000

715 E Twinsburg Rd, Browning Frances S to Horvath Brandon, $250,000


9143 Coventry Dr, Chesla Donna M to Morales Ruben, $190,000

9415 Preakness Dr, Tinyaev Sergey to Harter Bradley A, $157,500

173 Summit Ave, Domzalski Jeffrey C to Eddy Bryan R, $207,500


3607 Wadsworth Rd, Beskitt Eileen T to JLP Development LLC, $150,000

3449 Clubview Dr, Cherfan Charbel E to Kral Jennifer Marie, $227,990

3500 Wadsworth Rd, Ee Homes LLC to Lee Robert E II, $159,900

3922 Higgins Dr, Addison Norton LLC to NVR Inc, $54,168

4129 Reimer Rd, Beres Hayley A to Preattle Michael D, $300,000

2807 Greenridge Rd, Webel Cynthia Ann to Kent Aaron Lee, $220,000

3643 S Hametown Rd, Okolish Kathleen R to Okolish Joseph A, $155,520


10342 Liberty Cove, Markov William to Zhou Min, $290,000

10350 Liberty Cove, Pelly Michael T Jr to Mishra Shailendra, $227,000

3441 Heron Ct, Cangialosi Nancie J to Cangialosi Nancie J, $280,000

Richfield Township

4664 Newton Rd, Kukwa Dale to Stevenson Scott R Trustee, $391,000

5052 Stone Ridge Dr, Diligente Alfonso to Oubayan Veronica Trustee, $900,000


2825 Red Doe Cir, Simon Roland J Co Trustee to Frantz Nathan B, $550,000

3690 Paula Dr, Kylin Betty S Trustee to Needham Dale E Sr, $164,000

4289 Broadview Rd, Gremba James J to Johnson Alexander, $210,000

Sagamore Hills Township

8431 Shorthorn Dr, Wildasinn Bryan L to Mcburney Douglas, $420,100

1390 Romane Dr, RDB Development LLC to Hamad Byron, $105,000

696 Canterbury Ln, Eggleston Theresa to Wendel Joshua Matthew, $297,000

405 Meadowview Dr, Pristou Casey A Trustee to Dyer Michael G, $375,000

Silver Lake

2964 Harriett Rd, Swartz Ann Marie to Becker Carolyn S Trustee, $237,000

Springfield Township

2287 Pressler Rd, Martin Dorothy L to Pollock Mark, $91,000

979 Buena Vista Dr, Rich Josephine to Stubblefield Gary Lee, $92,780

2636 Swinehart Rd, Jaklitsch Jeff to Cole Andrew M Sr, $245,000

630 Neal Rd, Sharrer Thomas to Mulhollen Robert Joseph Sr, $99,000

970 Ewart Rd, Nogues Honorio Nunez to Kocjan Andrew, $34,000

3424 Sanitarium Rd, Moore George W to Marshall Ryan, $334,000

1008 Killian Rd, Wagler Properties LLC to Monty Brad, $225,000

2069 Massillon Rd, Hargrove Shari R to Jaynes Keith, $120,438


3724 Hile Rd, Yost Dawn Renee to Smith David Leon, $125,000

1365 Mockingbird Trl, Somerville Harold D to Keller Paul, $143,000

1303 Mac Dr, Friebel Timothy L II to Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, $115,000

3020 Fox Burrow Dr, Chiang John Y L to Turner Robin L, $395,000

3068 Kent Rd, Huff Shelly J to Le Khanh, $59,000

4469 Salsbury Ln, Chmielewski Kathleen V to Oswalt Karen Lea, $361,000

5041 Stone Meadow Run, Powell Lance R to Hensel Douglass E, $267,200

672 Treeside Dr, Flashouse Cle South LLC to Yang Wenfa, $320,000

4094 Vira Rd, Henkel Ronald D to Zavarella Amanda J, $43,500


1173 Southeast Ave, 1173 Southeast Avenue LLC to Southeast Avenue Company LLC, $250,000

85 Sara Bern Dr, Mitchell Roger L to Krul Justin William, $190,000

151 Southeast Ave, Boesch Kathleen L to React Properties LLC, $115,000

433 Swank Dr, Hallinan John F to Benson Ryan, $106,000

365 Southeast Ave, Pace Renovations to Stevens Ryan, $202,500

1409 Northeast Ave, Jendrisak Cyril A to Franks Robert, $435,000

809 Norton Dr, Lane Andrea D to Coviak Robert, $251,000

702 S Munroe Rd, Deeman Wholesale LLC to Riffle Brynn, $269,000

561 Ann Dr, Peters Sheri A Trustee to Malish Aaron W, $180,000

125 N Washburn Rd, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Tamang Prem K, $319,730

634 East Ave, Ehrlichman Jordan to Simcox Stuart, $74,069

170 Nottingham St, Rumplik Megan A to Rumplik Megan A, $70,800


1548 Iris Glen Dr, Lapinta John C to Lapinta Danielle Rene, $124,580

2219 Meadowood Blvd, Quebe David A to Giust Lawrence Jr, $318,000

2765 Hunters Ridge, Reed Courtney L to Thomas Justin Edward, $527,000

1753 Stone Creek Ln, Becker Christina to Manuel Stephen Robert Trustee, $190,000

Twinsburg Township

2071 Buchtel St, Smith Rhonda E to Rogers John S Jr, $55,934



290 N Chillicothe, Hunter Shari L to Hunter Tiffany, $263,750

455 Woodview Tl, Jones Robert C to Dodson Paul & Rachel (J&S), $572,444

511 Oak Lawn Ct, Stark Ellenor D to Ganzhorn Dolores, $280,000

Lot 25 Trails End, Duncan Richard A to DWGM LLC, $8,000

Brimfield Township

3904 Mctaggart, Taylor Thomas S @3 to Fox James D, $191,000

Lot 38 S 1/2 Mosser F 89.48 Mctaggart, Taylor Thomas S @3 to Fox James D, $191,000

Deerfield Township

Strong Allot 3 Lot 241 F 60.00 Sheryl, Pokabla Barbara A to Petit Elizabeth A (Trustee), $9,300

9311 Fewtown Rd, Gower Jason & Laura (J&S) to Kollar Amira L, $325,000

Edinburg Township

4518 Rock Spring, Phile Gregory L & Jeffrey to Walnut Ridge Nursery & Farm LLC, $310,000

Franklin Township

4665 Newcomer Rd, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Mitchell Scott, $388,420

7748 Diagonal, Quist David to Giczy Charles & Lauren Kuhns (J&S), $350,000

41 Germaine Cr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Richter George William Jr, $350,595

10 Germaine Cr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Nguyen Nhung T & Chung Le (J&S), $382,415

6535 Park, 6535 Park Ave LLC to Sumersaete Group LLC, $62,500

Freedom Township

8059 Freedom, Selander Shannda R to Weinrich Jeremy Scott & Jessica (J&S), $215,000

Garrettsville Village

11097 Brosius, Baum Joseph J III Aka Joseph J to Mccoy Chad C & Kendall M Mccoy (J&S), $108,000

8180 Windham, Wallwork Susan M to Eagle Creek Property Co Ltd, $220,000


521 Francis, Dixon Tyler to Reynolds Stephanie, $200,000

232 Valley View St, Streem Catherine M to Nguyen Tommy H & Natalie Vo (J&S), $150,000

318 Main, Hershiser Penny A to Adair Holdings & Management LLC, $285,000

1320 Franklin, Barone Richard & Patricia to MR Mkby Co, $71,500

Nelson Township

8473 St Rt 305, Thrasher Arthur L (Tod) (Carol A Mendoza) to Thrasher Arthur L (Tod) (Carol A Mendoza), $0

11632 Parkman, Kot William T to Baird William Richard II, $145,000

11632 Parkman, Kot William T to Baird William Richard II, $145,000

Paris Township

Labelle Lot 806 F 40.1 Newton Falls, Merkel David L & Lynda L (Trustees) to Stoffer Deborah, $94,000

10672 Newton Falls, Merkel David L & Lynda L (Trustees) to Stoffer Deborah, $94,000

Randolph Township

1421 St Rt 44, Francis Joanna to Robinson Connor Lee, $160,000

Lot 96 W Bassett, Mars Daniel K & Leslie A (J&S) to Alletta Mark Aka Mark Alleta & Kylee Alletta Aka Kylee R Alletta (J&S), $265,400

3847 Bassett, Mars Daniel K & Leslie A (J&S) to Alletta Mark Aka Mark Alleta & Kylee Alletta Aka Kylee R Alletta (J&S), $265,400


148 E Central Ave, Stewart Gary M & Mildred I (J&S) to Jeffers Shawn T, $130,000

124 Plum Wy, Heisa Grant H to CC & MB Properties Corp, $120,000

483 Harvest Dr, Portage Homes III Ltd PTSHP to Thomas Tyearra, $195,000

441 Walnut, Mcelhiney Garry Porter to Putnam & Associates LLC, $45,000

220 Sanford, Ellis Trevor L to Baker Street Homes LLC, $96,000

226 Stevens, Rogers Jody L to Miller Amber Elizabeth, $96,500

1031 Spruce, Big Horn Properties LLC to Al Fadli Bander Diab & Zainab Salman (J&S), $68,000

Ravenna Township

3150 Hidden Brook Dr, Capretta Mark A & Rachel A (J&S) to Johnson Anthony V, $240,000

Rootstown Township

3033 Tallmadge, Lischak James Jr @3 to Blatt Joseph J & Kayla R (J&S), $210,000

Lot 34 S Biltz, Kirkpatrick Ruth Ann to Cramer Thomas S, $175,000

3854 Biltz, Kirkpatrick Ruth Ann to Cramer Thomas S, $175,000

3430 Saxe Rd, Silkovskyy Alina I to Dyer Craig, $71,000

Streetsboro City

9284 St Rt 43, Ror LLC @3 to Cot Pizza Re LLC, $854,324

1608 Crescent Dr, Jordan Christian James & Randi Lynn (J&S) to Beato Marjorie Alexa Lorie & Angel J Martinez-Marzan (J&S), $370,000

1695 Red Maple Ct, Lingro Carrie to Ehasz Jacob, $167,500

1641 Duncan Way, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Shah Nisarg Jigneshbhai & Belabahen J & Jignesh T (J&S), $384,430

1713 Leslie Dr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Sanders Grant Robert & Loreen Ann (J&S), $337,725

9040 Portage Pointe, Bindus April & Gloria Jean Evans (J&S) to Broadwine Mason H, $112,000

1678 Duncan Way, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Desai Akash U & Aishwarya H Gandhi (J&S), $395,130

Suffield Township

1142 Catherine, Sammy Marilynn J to Ward Lucas J, $302,000

Wilson-May 12 F 100 Catherine, Sammy Marlyn J to Ward Lucas J, $302,000

1184 Inglewood, Simone Anthony J to Lehky Valera, $210,000

Lot 48 S Private Drive Inglewood, Kolar Robert J & Lois J & Others to Kolar Robert J & Lois J & Others, $210,000

1344 Waterloo, Booth Russell II to Fonner William & Catherine (J&S), $188,000

1244 Griggy, Silvers Delaine G to Swan Andrew & Alexandra, $228,000

Lot 3 SW Griggy, Sapp Delaine G to Swan Andrew & Alexandra, $228,000



Alliance Area Habitat for Humanity from City of Alliance Land Reutilization, 922 Pike St, $1,000.

Biller David E & Kimberly A from Swisher Margaret A, 1062 Glenwood Dr, $153,000.

Mullenix Corey from Excalibur Ventures QRP LLC, 747 E Grant St, $100,000.

TKB Dayton LLC from Duncan Jared S & Custar Melissa A, 2361 Cherry Ave, $115,000.

Wellspring Bible Church from Johnson Mark & Rainieri Chris, 304 N Rockhill Ave, $120,000.

Bethlehem Township

Irwin Rachael from Mhca Homes LLC, 6000 Beth Ave Lot 21, $19,900.

Reaves Gerald & Danita & Ramsey Jena from Ragheb Michelle C, parcel 1100201 Safari Trl, $3,800.

Reaves Gerald & Danita & Ramsey Jena from Stephanic Kimberly, parcel 1100200 Safari Trl, $3,500.

Canal Fulton

Adelman Marie Lynn & John Christopher from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 3020 Bonita Cir SE, $263,355.

Seeling Laura M & Matthew P from Steele Mariann S, 303 Water St, $50,000.


Alexander Jeffrey S from Fresherthaneverinc, 1827 2nd St NE, $27,100.

Anspach Andrew A from Lasorella Anthony P & Karen J, 913 13th St NW, $70,000.

Azek Holdings LLC from Young Todd M, 3214 2nd St NW, $74,900.

Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd from Forchione Allan, 1817 41st St NW, $157,000.

Boswell Luke B from Jewell Dana Louis & Trixann, 905 18th St NE, $73,900.

Brandon Jaide A from Howenstine Lydia L, 1550 Hammond Ave SW, $85,000.

Byerly Ashley Miranda from D&D Real Properties, 2722 Kirby Ave NE, $129,900.

Fontaine Sean M & Roberta M from Moss Tamika Lynn, 1620 Bonnot PL NE, $52,636.

Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio from Rukavina Michael, 1905 Root Ave NE, $40,000.

Halley Joseph L from Cobb Gail L, 2715 Ivanhoe Ave NW, $110,000.

Hart Timothy & Lindsay from Lewis Paul, 2235 20th St NE, $24,909.

Jamroc LLC from Barson Craig O & Teresa J, 1128 Greenfield Ave SW, $29,500.

Johnson Ray from Phillips Bernard Lee, 2909 17th St SW, $26,000.

Lamotta Michael from Barkheimer Realty Ltd, 1626 Maple Ave NE, $55,000.

Limon Cruz A Morales from Ballard David E, 1620 Hammond Ave SW, $37,400.

Macias Daniel & Linda J from Kintz Linda L, 432 31st St NW, $162,000.

Mast Raymond A from Neo Home Buyers Inc, 2919 Vera PL NW, $25,000.

Melvin Troy from Integrity Residential Solutions LLC, 2632 St Elmo Ave NE, $110,000.

Miller Robert P & Angela L from Hall Ivan W Jr & Bobbie Jean Co-Trustee, 3760 Cleveland Ave NW, $300,000.

Page Ricky from Perdew Arzie J, 4017 Vernon Ave NW, $108,240.

Patterson Tina Marie & Lori from Jimenez Alexander & Garofalo Ashley, 256 Poplar Ave NW, $160,000.

SFR3-070 LLC from Maddocks Properties LLC, 1919 Widmer CT NE, $38,000.

Smith Judy L from Lewis Joseph E Jr, 1827 Irwin PL NE, $13,445.

Sybole Jeffrey from Culberson Rosemary, 2412 17th St SW, $52,700.

Sybole Jeffrey from Culberson Rosemary, parcel 230885 Bedford Ave SW, $52,700.

Tkachenko Tetiana from Fessler Shaun, 1123 37th St NW, $120,000.

Tolbert Walter Jr & Latasha from Ferbish Scott Juanita A T, 302 19th St NW, $176,000.

Top Realty Enterprises LLC from Gaines Roger L, 311 Schwalm Ave NE, $15,000.

Wanner Ryan Edward from Rocket Mortgage LLC, 3421 35th St NE, $71,500.

Canton Township

Cox Kenneth M from Meers Kevin W & Virginia G, 302 29th St SW, $64,000.

Hinderer Darla S from Monday Linda M & Pellegrini Jodi A L/E, 4000 Cloverhill St SW, $148,000.

Little Matthew from Malavite Development Inc, parcel 1313980 49th St SW, $43,000.

Mehringer Stanley J & Sherry N Trustees from Malavite Development Inc, parcel 1315083 Ashmont Ave SW, $50,000.

Well of Hope Ministries from International Church of the Four Square, 3990 Faircrest St SW, $100,000.

Jackson Township

Bennett Perry J & Lindsey from Ridgeview Development Company Inc, 5908 Walbrook St NW, $52,000.

Feighner Scott D & Kayla R from Zucal Jeffrey S, 5040 Armandale Ave NW, $527,000.

Glantz Arnold F & Maria M from Emmert Sarah Hill & Weise Mary Ann Ttees, 6104 Cedar LN NW, $115,000.

Jozic Damir & Mckenzi from Pfeifer Jacob G & Thomasina P, 7294 Emerald Glen Ave NW, $437,000.

King Samuel from Harting Brianne L, 8498 Esquire St NW, $455,000.

Kramarich Dylan M & Costine Erica N from Charles Layne Properties LLC, 5909 Carlew St NW, $390,000.

Manomay Properties LLC from Barnes Marianne L, 6220 Fernwood St NW, $175,000.

Martins Timothy H & Robyn G from Deville Hills & Dales LLC, 3563 Red Tail Cirs NW 7B, $395,560.

Martucci Barbara D from Reese Ryan P & Price Kristina A, 5147 Dublin Cir NW, $310,000.

Nahcap LLC from Willmary Propertiesltd, 7023 Wales Ave NW, $385,000.

Onyango Jacquelline Akinyi & Owuor David from Thalluri Ranga R & Krishna K, 4888 Armandale Ave NW, $525,000.

Queener Debora K from Muncer Shirley J, 9550 Beryl St NW, $268,000.

Rieder Jon & Jessica from RG3 LLC, 7611 Greenview Ave NW, $98,000.

Shaffer Michael A & Heather R from Rohr James C, 8470 Nearwood St NW, $205,000.

Speach Elizabeth K from Kestner William L, 9331 Strausser St NW, $150,000.

Woodgate Realty LLC from Callahan Door Salesinc, 7855 Freedom Ave NW, $375,000.

Lake Township

Beatty Crystal & Kracker Joseph G from Beatty Crystal & Starcher Pamela, 1167 Tumbleweed St NE, $91,200.

DJPH II LLC from Dukeman Roger A & Susan D, 3775 Lakeland St NW, $265,500.

Drake Rocky Joe & Desiree D from Skymount Solutions LLC, 3435 Cain St NW, $280,000.

Ludwig Mackenzie & Mihok Jonathan T from Mosel Steven R II, 1195 Chaparrel Rd SW, $170,000.

Oui Inc from Spears Daniel Ttee, 344 Prospect Ave S, $107,000.

Oui Inc from Spears Daniel Ttee, parcel 2300450 Washington St SE, $107,000.

Plunkett Elsie & Karen Mckeighen from Furino Matthew J & James M, 1742 Castile St NW, $185,000.

Lawrence Township

Berube Patrick Austin from Ayres Helen E, 10784 Strausser St NW, $100,000.

Eaglowski Anthony Andrew Jr & Lori from Vorhies Samuel L, 4711 Manchester Ave NW, $415,000.

Hepner Ronald A & Dennis Chelsea M from Shilling David Alan, 6330 Boatman Dr NW, $252,000.

Martin Jerry L from Wilson Kenneth W, 4287 Manchester Ave NW Lot 7, $1,500.

Smith Jude from Davis Molly R & Smith Jude, 10720 Strausser St NW, $82,700.

Lexington Township

Espley Barbara J from Onward Homes LLC, 12813 Greenbower St NE, $432,500.

Praxis Properties LLC from Smith Randy M & Lisa R, 14594 Gaskill Dr NE, $64,100.

Wharmby James from Kireta Samuel A, 9912 Moulin Ave NE, $192,500.


Conley Catherine A from Albrecht Shirley Jane, 526 S Silver St, $158,000.

Lattimer Mark D & Kristen L from Stephens Barbara E Trustee / Stephens Fa, 1354 W Chester Dr, $280,000.

Poyser Joseph J & Willis Laura Ann from Birone Joseph C & Cara M, 214 Rodeo Cir, $270,000.

Shoff Zerak & Nicole from Pope Daniel J., 420 Reno Dr, $150,000.

Utley Denise from Huprich Ryan L, 190 Oklahoma St, $140,000.

Utley Denise from Huprich Ryan L, parcel 3601961 Oklahoma Ave, $140,000.

Marlboro Township

Lewis Tyler A & Taylor v from Sharpnack Robert G & Toussant Ashly R, 10987 Lair Rd NE, $275,000.


Baltazar Manuel & Evangelista Vianey from KS Yoak Enterprises LLC, 1334 3rd St SE, $140,000.

Copeland Juan & Chara A from Rays Reconditioning LLC & Eric Ray, 631 Perry Ave SW, $144,500.

Coto Armando & Gonzalez Eliceo Toc from Ginella Andy A Trustee, 336 Indiana Ave NE, $180,000.

Gatsios Jeffrey T & Amy L from Rohrer Development LLC, 4582 Sippo Reserves Dr NW, $38,400.

Harris Debra J & Jacquelyn M & Duane from Sekulich Gligo, 1345 Burd Ave NE, $228,500.

Hyder Dustin & Melissa from Dexter Mary A, 125 25th St SE, $185,000.

K Hovnanian at Country View Estates LLC from Partner Land Company LLC, parcel 10014518 23rd St SW, $110,000.

Miley Andrew E from Devoll Allison A & Mason Christopher L, 1002 8th St NE, $102,500.

Raines Donald T & Shirley M from Brickley Lillian F, 1447 Tylers Mill LN NE, $200,000.

Revision Homebuyers LLC from Kozar Anthony M & Kathleen M, 911 17th St NE, $48,000.

Revision Homebuyers LLC from Kozar Anthony M & Kathleen M, parcel 605994 Hobart Ave NE, $48,000.

Saunders Kenneth A & Brittany M from Hamlin Heath M & West Kayla A, 4942 Woodstone Ave NW, $254,900.

Small Kayla from Gamber Pennie L TRSTEE/LAVONNE I Colucy, 1317 Forest Ave SE, $118,000.

Turbo Restaurant Management LLC from PKTG Incorporated, 515 Lincoln Way E, $2,345,000.

Nimishillen Township

Carlile Philip L & Cynthia L from Spehar Paul Trustee, 8646 Paris Ave, $179,000.

Huprich Ryan L & Abdulla Deborah M from Reasoner Brian C, 8916 Rue Helena St, $209,900.

Koehler Timothy L from Reinford Vernon & Kathryn, 4943 Stoner Ave, $125,000.

Munoz Cesar R from Sands Rentals LLC, 7433 Easton St, $134,000.

North Canton

Arnold Joseph W from Werstler Keith L, 604 Wise Ave NE, $225,000.

Gottfried Mark & Mary from Martin Properties Ltd, 833 N Valley BLVD NW, $114,000.

Kutscher Andrew from Schiltz Michael E, 250 Orion St NW, $290,100.

Schwenning Kenneth & Joanna C from Global Real Estate Solutions, 514 Viking St NW, $125,000.

Wallace Dwight from Wallace Dwight & Estevez Jessica, 516 Pierce Ave NW, $80,300.

Walther Jan D & Sharon K & Tana R from King Samuel J and Mao Chun Hong, 806 Oakwood St SE, $190,000.

Wheeler Benjamin T from Wheeler Benjamin T & Hurlock Jamie S, 1734 Glenmar Oval SE, $227,900.

Osnaburg Township

Allen William Lee from Ohio Monster Hunters LLC, 8862 Lincoln St SE, $130,000.

Smith Larry James from Young James A & Brenda L, 238 Nassau St E, $149,900.

Weir Montoyia M from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 5772 Quarry Lake Dr SE, $392,030.

Williams Fonda P & Pamela M from A List Land Development LLC, parcel 9000078 Quarry Lake Dr SE, $40,000.

Paris Township

Abbott William A from Browne Amy, 4030 Whitacre Ave NE, $62,700.

Hawk Jacob D from Lewis Jerry L, 605 Logan St, $162,500.

Hawk Jacob D from Lewis Jerry L, parcel 4200354 Shallow Run St NE, $162,500.

Miller Nolan & Madalyn from Stur Patrick J & Praetzel Christina E, 13012 Baywood St SE, $425,000.

Perry Township

Bowers Gerald R & Sarah N from Raines Donald T & Shirley M, 5127 Burlawn St NW, $210,000.

Ehret Rachel & Nathan R from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 6065 Lavenham Rd SW, $560,115.

Ewing Justin R & Dougan Shannon Leann from Agnes Myra L & Charles T, 6099 Stoneybrook St SW, $185,000.

Goldenbogen Taylor R from Grim Gibson & Kristy, 3285 Persia Cir SW, $132,500.

Kestel Paul v III & Jane E from Rogers Matt A, 2405 Hankins Rd NW, $100,000.

Kirkbride Adrianna Maye from Williamson Katie, 2610 Saratoga Ave SW, $150,000.

Kohring Benjamin L & Rachel R from Brunner Ruth M, 2025 Perry Dr SW, $130,000.

Kreiling Ashley K from Marucci Bernard A, 1132 Manor Ave SW, $170,000.

KSH Properties LLC from Crabs Sophia C, 4871 Arbor Rd SW, $90,000.

Maier Johnnie H from Duer Craig A, 4346 Duke Cir SW, $287,500.

One Ez Company LLC from Rajrenna Enterprises LLC, parcel 4304169 Snively Ave NW, $35,000.

Performance Advantage Properties LLC from Elliot Family Properties LLC, 8601 Mapleford St SW, $80,000.

Performance Advantage Properties LLC from Elliot Family Properties LLC, parcel 4400176 Erie Ave SW, $80,000.

Rodrigues John & Sonia from Mcclain Tonya, 7043 Gauntlet St SW, $312,000.

West Manor MHP LLC from Gill Rebecca R, 152 Marsden Ave SW, $1,800.

West Manor MHP LLC from Jarvis Patricia, 1165 Elcar, $1,000.

West Manor MHP LLC from Knutty Jonathan, 133 Roxbury Ave NW #4, $1,000.

West Manor MHP LLC from Lapane Steven, 160 Woodlawn, $1,000.

West Manor MHP LLC from West Manor Park LLC, 129 Marsden Ave, $17,600.

West Manor MHP LLC from West Manor Park LLC, 150 Woodlawn Ave NW, $17,800.

Wilbur 10 LLC from Nikolis Nedeljka, 204 Edgewater Ave NW, $135,000.

Wile Brandon & Leslie from Newsome Michele R, 164 Perry Dr NW, $200,000.

Pike Township

Feutz Jeffrey A from Kollar Frank J & Ida L Co Ttees, 7610 East Sparta Ave, $236,500.

Plain Township

Albert Stephen J from Koerner Joyce E, 2600 Taft Ave NE, $25,000.

Albert Stephen J from Koerner Joyce E, 2616 Taft Ave NE, $25,000.

Cochran Cameron & Smith Sarah from Kuryn Kathryn & John, 4716 Magnolia Rd NE, $152,000.

Conley Nicholas John from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 1344 Fountain View St NE, $420,185.

Funk Melissa & Grunauer Phil from Ott Brian & Susan, 3944 Ennis Cir NE, $135,000.

Henry Jason L & Lindsey R from Jre Homes LLC, 3843 Croydon Dr NW, $400,000.

Herrick Dale E from Sogorka Hannah M & Herrick Dale E, 6715 Lavonne Ave NE, $91,400.

Kalsek Henry Joseph Jr & Beth Ann from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 1303 Fountain View St NE, $374,210.

Lesh Properties LLC from Ferguson Joshua I, 3003 Maxine Ave NE, $46,750.

Montgomery Street Homes LLC from Baldwin Jeff, 2449 55th St NE, $199,900.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, 3349 Stoneleigh Rd NE, $72,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, 3426 Stoneleigh Rd NE, $72,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Mckinley Edgewood Development Company LL, 1348 Fountain View St NE, $72,000.

Parker Theodore D & Jasmine L from Latham Lillian P, 2400 49th St NE, $147,000.

Redmond Joshua D from Redmond Joshua D & Glenda G, 3049 21st St NW, $101,600.

Renner Herbert & Cheryl from Heckaman Patricia L, 1929 Red Coach Rd NW, $317,500.

Rhiel Vicki L from Blaes Jeanne C Trustee, 433 Brookpoint St NW, $275,000.

Roby Kara A from Beatty Susan D, 6144 Woodcrest Ave NE, $275,000.

Saltz Douglas C & Amy M from Cornet David J & Susan C Trustees / Susa, 2974 Midvale Rd NW, $710,000.

Scioto Properties SP-16 LLC from Bobbitt Paul Vaughn & Robert Terry, 2684 Fordham Cir NW, $409,000.

Simmonds George from Rogers Patrick G Jr Redic Teresa M, 3401 26th St NW, $95,000.

Watkins Deborah A from Hamilton Francis D, 2317 40th St NE, $111,000.

Sandy Township

Dreyer Robert L & Marcia A from Clark John C & Marilyn J, 7775 Broadford St SE, $110,000.

Ingledue Debrah Ann from Butler Amber N & Decker Aaron C, 8756 Sequoia Ave SE, $9,000.

Sugalski Marissa R from Calkins Douglas S &Tracy L, 222 E Lisbon St, $103,000.

Sugarcreek Township

Elliott Family Properties LLC from Mcconaghy James L & Sara Beth Trustees, 10889 Manchester Ave SW, $950,000.

Elliott Family Properties LLC from Mcconaghy James L & Sara Beth Trustees, parcel 6900357 3rd Ave NW, $950,000.

Mcgee Jesse L from Thomas Joanne M, 375 2nd St SW, $160,000.

Miller Michael A & Marilyn J from Ecenbarger Earl D, parcel 6704139 Lawnfield St SW, $133,100.

Slabaugh Ezra from Flinner David M, 322 Main St SW, $205,000.

Washington Township

Campbell Family Land LLC from Heldreth Deborah L, parcel 10015143 Union Ave NE, $117,785.

Carpenter Brenda K from Brown Bernadine, 11371 Easton St NE, $61,500.

Fields Jacqueline M & Jordan Ray from Underwood Paula Denise, 3639 S Union Ave, $198,000.



3232 Rohrer Rd, Giauque Benjamin W & Kristen D to Deioma Derick A, $185,000

parcel 009-16B-34-133 Greenwich Rd, Franks John W to Dean James G, $19,570

581 Cello Cir, Sellers Mark & Alicia L to Fearer Daniel Robert & Hollie Marie, $145,000

1360 State Rd, Smerglia Dale A Jr & Alexandra Barbosa to Augustine Kayla Delaine & Xavier Allen, $297,000

192 Euclid Ave, Brown Brian & Shi Ann to Thomas Nicholas & Alexis Whitten, $180,000

328 Main St, US Bank National Association to Dewoody Moses LLC, $80,850

364 N Lyman St, Colby Ethan D & Mia to Kray Paula, $155,000

829 Kings Cross Dr, Brissman Aaron & Erin L to Shaheen Christian & Kendra Hartline, $401,000

245 Westview Ave, Ommert Stephen J & Hilary J to Nash Paul E & Carl W Harris, $235,000

145 First St, Evans Gabriel D to Casenhiser Robert, $114,500

336 Foxglove Dr, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Benigni David A & Diane L, $453,700

354 Foxglove Dr, Djepum Achille Wabo & Sandrine Laure to Santelmann William J & Kristen M, $460,000

208 Patrick John Dr, Billman Alice J to Global Real Estate Solutions LLC, $215,000

208 Patrick John Dr, Global Real Estate Solutions LLC to Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, $250,000

708 Aspen Key Ct, Mary Jo Morse Trustee of the Charles R Schickler Trust to Yoder Janet L & Steve, $350,000

472 Hard St, Wilkinson Dale M & Dale Glenn to Phillips Property Acquisition LLC, $44,129

parcel 040-20C-10-009 Rainbow St, US Bank National Association to Dewoody Moses LLC, $80,850


4625 Brookstone Ct, Miller Megan to Nadin Alyssa, $283,000

706 Bonneybrook Ln, Ventura James J & Gina M Ilg & Lisa M Novicky & Sheila M Vunderink to Stone Faraz & Tina, $240,000

4076 Magnolia Dr, Petsas Georgia A to Johnson Jarrod A & Megan B, $285,000

2903 Nancy Cir, Ackerman Lora Lynn & Cherri Lynn to Singleton Corie, $255,000

4242 Bennington Blvd, Williamson Lynn Forsythe to Gray Jacob & Shannon Cassidy, $105,000

694 Chargary Dr, Baxter Andrew D to Pavlus Christopher T, $252,000

parcel 003-18B-31-136 Miner Dr, Sirilla Nancy to Fisher David L, $130,000

parcel 003-18B-31-138 Miner Dr, Sirilla Nancy to Fisher David L, $130,000

3985 Ganyard Ave, Hagen Lawrence M to Ransom Donald C & Jennifer L Carlton, $230,000

1300 Catherine Dr, Wodzak Max E to Brown Casey & Erin Calhoun, $215,000

4248 Duke Ct, Cellura Kristen T & Brian M to Buike Derre L & Diana L, $141,000

parcel 003-18C-01-255 Cypress Point Dr, Renovation Homes Inc to Napholz-Hook Deborah Trustee of the Deborah Napholz-Hook Revocable Trust, $395,398

1964 Gaylann Dr, Love Peace and Family LLC to Sunset Dreams LLC, $115,000

1999 Mary Ellen Dr, Kokish Bryan D & Anita M to Fashbaugh Margaret C & Dylan, $379,900

3931 Sleepy Hollow Rd, Reed Patti to Saksa Brian Edward & Alaina Ortega, $257,000

3936 Miner Dr, Sirilla Nancy to Fisher David L, $130,000

Chippewa Lake

523 Lee Lore Ln, Myers David A to Leto Joseph, $69,666


parcel 019-13C-06-025 Greenwich Rd 12106 / 12114, Transfer Realty LLC to Baab Thomas J & Kelly L, $51,500


9115 Avon Lake Rd, Warholic Thomas J Sr & Donna C to Moehle Daniel A, $265,000

109 Vesper Cir, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Bailey Caitlin Ann & James Robert, $267,460

515 Creek Bend Trl, Whisper Creek Development LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $43,000


249 Chelsea Trace #72, Lang Wanda to Kurtz Matthew & Kathleen Spirk, $370,000

parcel 005-07C-22-026 Granger Rd, Cruse Richard J to Rabbit Path Gas Ltd, $160,000

353 Granger Rd, Bates Kenneth A to Harvey Jason A & Monica, $470,000

2092 Granger Rd, Cruse Richard J to Rabbit Path Gas Ltd, $160,000

parcel 005-07C-22-027 Granger Rd (R), Cruse Richard J to Rabbit Path Gas Ltd, $160,000

parcel 020-10A-11-017 Palker Rd, Palker Mary S to DL Smith Company LLC, $16,115

7198 Egypt Rd, Smith Ronald to Neaga Petru Ioan & Nicole, $235,000

3231 Old Weymouth Rd, Duthie Kenneth M & Marie K to Illius James C & Christine L, $318,000

3219 Marks Rd, Cowling Thomas M to Walker Sherri, $299,000

1123 N Court St, Medwick Realty LLC & Medwick Nassim LLC to Medwick Marketplace LLC, $14,450,000

4044 Elizabeth Way, Bachtel Susan L to Elias Michelle, $212,500

4059 Irvine Oval, Medina Creative Housing Inc to Chathamhall LLC, $206,250

3813 Retreat Dr, Zimmerman William A & Jill to Cole J Scott & Julie S, $365,000

535 E Smith Rd, Garo Real Estate LLC to Prestige Investments & Holdings LLC, $200,000

227 E Homestead St, Christiana Trust Trustee of the CSMC 2018-RPL12 Trust to Graeff Karen J, $119,900

1168 N Jefferson St U-5, Mcgannon Kelly Anne & Amanda Kush to Hughes Stanley E & Gayle L, $250,000

501 Miller Dr, Duncan Shannon N to Gonzales Amanda M, $218,000

600 Canterbury Ln B-9, Johns Darlene M to King Ben, $117,575

970 E Washington St U 102, Rose Richard F & Thomas G Ebner Trustees to Medina Hospital, $350,000

1120 Kempton Oval, Windhover LLC to Synor Francis & Edith, $322,000

99 Circle Dr, Andrews Richard B & Robert J & Mary Louise Brock Trustees to Butler Ralph W III & Nyssa J Crabill, $87,500

400 Woodlake Dr, Sheth Ravindra & Pravina to Tabor Phillip & Kineshma Munbodh, $335,000

941 Oakbrooke Dr, Tyna Dale & Joni K to Straniak Jon & Nikki Williams, $340,000

348 Westgrove Ct, Franko Robert G III & Kayla A to Mittler Joseph, $245,000

5180 Montville Dr, Ganley Nissan Medina LLC to KG Real Estate Investments Medina Nissan LLC, $4,200,000

6397 Manor Glen Dr, Russo Christopher T & Heather L to Little Lisa M Trustee of the Lisa M Little Revocable Trust, $1,575,000

5151 Park Dr, O'connor Zachary C to O'connor Zachary C, $137,000

3169 Hilltop Point Cir, Guiley C Dale & Debora to Daroszewski Allison, $300,000

parcel 033-12A-37-019 Manor Glen Dr, Russo Christopher T & Heather L to Little Lisa M Trustee of the Lisa M Little Revocable Trust, $1,575,000

7001 Beach Rd, Futures United Properties LLC to Wilkins James D II & April M, $408,000

2729 Columbia Rd, Decor Design Construction LLC to Lutz Fred C & Candice L, $450,000

490 Brenelle Ln, Jeon Hunwha & Gyeong Ho to Mccreery Steven A & Amanda B, $555,000

7753 Coon Club Rd, Harowski Eva to Stergar Louis & Katherine, $195,000

1195 N Court St, Medwick Realty LLC & Medwick Nassim LLC to Medwick Marketplace LLC, $14,450,000

1033 N Court St, Medwick Realty LLC & Medwick Nassim LLC to Medwick Marketplace LLC, $14,450,000

99 Circle Dr, Butler Ralph W III & Nyssa J Crabill to Butler Ralph W III & Nyssa J Crabill, $87,500

910 Lake Rd, Montana Jake LLC to FG Medina LLC, $750,000

5006 Wedgewood Rd, Hotz Kyle & Holly J & Patricia Meade to Chapin Timothy, $275,000


5200 Greenwich Rd, Seville Mobile Home Community LLC to Widowski Dianne A, $280,000

9109 Daniels Rd, Kanserski Lawrence William Jr & Lance Wayne & Leonard Wyatt to Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, $30,000


10489 Chatham Rd, Schaffer Chastity Marie to Vanover Evan, $525,000

parcel 036-08D-36-002 New London Eastern Rd, Housley Sandra K & Ronald H Stetz Trustee to Stetz Ronald H Trustee of the Diane R Stetz Revocable Trust, $500,000

11630 New London Eastern Rd, Housley Sandra K & Ronald H Stetz Trustee to Stetz Ronald H Trustee of the Diane R Stetz Revocable Trust, $500,000

336 N Main St, Clark Kyle P & Dalene A to Abernathy Michael T, $235,000

Valley City

parcel 025-01B-28-030 Columbia Rd, Hammon Constance to Niederst David & Adrina A, $440,000

parcel 025-01A-38-042 W River Rd, Schwinn Robert & William M Schwinn & Patricia Dvorak to Struhar Paul T Jr & Danielle R, $75,000

6484 South Rim CL, Matlack Suzanne C to Penhryn Taras & Zenoviya, $500,000

Westfield Center

1 Ironwood Dr, O'rielly Suzanne Trustee to Callam Wendi J, $245,000



13453 Friendsville Rd, Willig Stephen C & Martha L & Stephen J Willig & Brett A Henry S/T to Hostetler Wayne N & Cathy E S/T, $166,000

4211 W Britton Rd, Snyder Troy A & Christina L Co Trustees to S&A Asset Holding Company LLC, $825,000


parcel 09-00152.000 Carter St, Kauf Daryl J & Linda D to Stoll Carl L & Angela P Griffith S/T, $60,000

141 Carter St, Kauf Daryl J & Linda D to Stoll Carl L & Angela P Griffith S/T, $60,000


144 Park Dr, Casto Joseph W III to King Matthew A & Desiree N Lappert S/T, $175,000

276 High St, Hollis Craig A & Carolyn M to Dietz Scott, $32,500

parcel 17-01090.010 Homan Dr, Shondel Susan M to Potts Lee R & Holly Van Sickle S/T, $397,000


parcel 20-00631.000 E Robinson St, Alexander Robert M to Martin Josiah & Amy, $5,000

216 E Robinson St, Alexander Robert M to Martin Josiah & Amy, $5,000

This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: Home sales for Summit, Stark, Portage, Wayne, Medina week of April 11