Greater Akron real estate sales: Here's what homes sold for week of March 14



600 Wyandot Ave, Multiples LLC to Byard Turner Lori L, $68,000

1123 Sawyer Ave, Leon Fernando to Kaufman Elizabeth, $104,000

530 Upton Ave, Stead Angela M to Ede Richard Y, $115,000

1075 Seward Ave, Buck Arthur to Riley Deaire, $38,500

566 Oneida Ave, Dorn Dale M to Cutright Cody, $313,000

966 Belden Ave, Farge Property Management and Development LLC to Khadka Bhuwani, $150,000

436 Sullivan Ave, Rumora Cassandra A to Smith Rachel A, $134,000

717 Lovers Ln, Grands Property Management LLC to Gage Street LLC, $87,000

618 Kling St, Sly N Dry Ltd to Gage Street LLC, $68,500

500 Morgan Ave, Meriggiare LLC to Castle 2020 LLC, $18,300

1091 & 1093 N Main St, Davis Kevin R to Pacific Premier Trust, $90,126

693 Westpoint Ave, North Hill Houses LLC to Garner Rebecca A, $91,500

1010 Cree Ave, Freedom Properties of Northeast Ohio LLC to Pribula Tristen Lee, $110,200

1009 Stadelman Ave, Vigorito Jordan M to Gage Street LLC, $79,950

448 E Voris St, VORIS448 LLC to Gage Street LLC, $78,500

1319 Sweitzer Ave, Stanford & Sons LLC to Gage Street LLC, $77,500

671 Kling St, Tenorio Juan to Gage Street LLC, $81,250

240 E Thornton St, Hutson Dennis to Corsi Investments LLC, $115,000

1810 Adelaide Blvd, Jack Wade Properties LLC to Allison Isaiah, $35,000

2295 Oak Glen Ct, Blackburn James S to Ganim Graef Miriam, $335,000

273 Grand Ave, Johnson Lorene to Thomas Leslie Carol, $32,610

391 Warwick St, Pinczes Katrina L to Martell Amber R, $152,000

1761 Flint Ave, Harper Willie Jr to Abrams Thomas, $97,000

1906 Shaw Ave, Somang Two LLC to Linares Ernesto Antonio, $107,500

1836 Stabler Rd, Cohen Elaine B Trustee to White Jacob, $245,000

836 Castle Blvd, Parms Bruce E to Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, $125,000

925 Inman St, Lenz Mark A to Schaub Maya L, $49,000

556 Sunset View Dr, Longville Christine M to Swartzmiller Clayton, $182,000

579 Mull Ave, Lavensky Dawn M to Petit Lauren J, $144,000

445 Palm Ave, Robbins Catherine to Robbins Catherine, $41,300

401 Stevenson Ave, Deyoung Kathryn to Furse Jasmine I, $210,777

432 Cross St, Truly Reaching You to Williams Richard Nathaniel, $65,000

1685 Sunset Ave, Halasa Properties LLC to Herrnstein Properties One LLC, $70,000

847 Carpenter St, Halasa Properties LLC to Herrnstein Properties One LLC, $30,000

1257 Woodward Ave, Blair Susan J to Watson Taelor L, $156,900

1679 Brookwood Dr, Lardakis Terry to Steinberger Andrea R Trustee, $395,000

2077 SW 16th St, Kay Management LLC to Akron 6 LLC, $64,000

1857 SW 19th St, Kay Management LLC to Akron 6 LLC, $60,000

643 Hollibaugh Ave, Kay Management LLC to Akron 6 LLC, $55,000

937 Saxon Ave, Kay Management LLC to Akron 6 LLC, $63,000

407 E Archwood Ave, Iplan Group Agent for Custodian FBO Robert E Neiman Ira to Akron 6 LLC, $74,000

466 the Brooklands Ave, Angelone David J to Burke William Edward, $89,000

349 Wayne Ave, Marz Karl P to Lockhart Lorraine, $160,000

1722 Adelaide Blvd, Fernandez Doris to Brown Curtis L, $131,000

932 Clifford Ave, Powers Invest LLC to Pillar Holdings LLC, $33,000

1519 Seminola Ave, Skorich Frank to Blair Susan J, $69,000

148 Everett Ave, Wooldredge Sharon R Trustee to Scarry Jennifer, $139,900

576 Schocalog Rd, NP154 LLC to Cooper Carmela, $125,000

1042 Hampton Ridge Dr, Carameros Sylvia to O'neil Melanie Regina, $172,000

1020 Karen Dr, Lord Tanya to Lawrence Kara Rose, $125,000

179 N Union St, Wegner Sandra K to KR Israel Real Estate LLC, $43,500

1353 Hart St, Hamilton Kevin to WHK Enterrise LLC, $25,000

1114 Sawyer Ave, Gallo Robert C to Kapital Enterprises LLC, $75,000

910 Snowfall Spur, Daniels Jean Marie Trustee to Polly Chelsea C, $95,000

1430 & 1432 Virginia Ave, Treeside LLC to Broadwing Enterprises LLC, $114,000

1388 Indianola Ave, Pangas Frank to Peters Amanda, $109,900

480 Sullivan Ave, Pajevic Peter to Anderson Scott D, $85,000

382 Beechwood Dr, Patrick Christine to Patrick Shinita, $60,000

953 Davis St, Menefee Tiffany Michelle to Hill Roger, $68,900

1649 & 1651 Shatto Ave, Bolender Lance R to Chapman Nicholas R, $86,700

1235 Lakeshore Blvd, Meriggiare LLC to Brisas Del Norte LLC, $99,000

807 Eva Ave, Bisheimer Bernard M Trustee to Welch George H Jr, $21,600

416 Bacon Ave, Montana Realty Investments LLC to Martinez Evan, $45,000

558 Letchworth Dr, Hale Michael C to Belder Cynthia M, $91,450

1126 Diagonal Rd, Harrison Kimberly R to Bala Real Estate LLC, $79,600

431 Molane Ave, Sanders Russell P to Equity Trust Company Custodian, $100,000

954 Hartford Ave, Norwood Michael Raymond Cephus to Bala Real Estate LLC, $110,000

629 Patterson Ave, Butcher Stephen A to Kelley Patricia L, $69,500

1277 Superior Ave, Patagonia Home Rentals LLC to Bala Real Estate LLC, $118,000

1220 Inman St, Crookston Joan Emily to Bala Real Estate LLC, $92,500

2186 SW 24th St, Pence Linda C to Kapital Enterprises LLC, $40,000

817 Caddo Ave, Chick Angela M to Rinear Matthew, $105,000

1940 SW 8th St, the Brooklands Properties LLC to Lemons Robert L, $149,000

1070 Flanders Ave, Jurosevic Mirjana to Rodriguez Brandon, $140,000

637 Ardella Ave, Lugar John B to Mattox Acquisitions LLC, $41,000

492 Crystal St, Taylor Preston M to Carpenter Marcus L, $160,000

1090 Diagonal Rd, Simbala LLC to Lofty Holding 10190 Diagonal Road LLC, $78,000

1133 Bethany Ave, A & O Properties LLC to Lofty Holding 1133 Bethany Avenue LLC, $71,000

1253 Kohler Ave, Miller Ryan C to Erie Street Investments LLC, $29,000

1610 Vicgross Ave, Jura Florica to Kirby Christina, $92,000

675 Oxford Ave, Marez Breanne M to Mobley Emily, $118,000

949 MC Kinley Ave, TRD Capital Investments LLC to Woods Devon, $98,000

1316 Waterloo Rd, Way Susan Trustee to TRST LLC, $44,150

1837 S Main St, Coffman Jonathon David to Project Acquired LLC, $70,000

1925 Pilgrim St, Grecni Stephen P to Preston John, $65,000

1567 Slusser Rd, Petticord Allison R to Swearingen Devin, $85,000

155 Hawk Ave, Hicks Jeffrey R to Jackson William E, $66,533

102 W Linwood Ave, Elliott Autumn F to Serrano Luzxiomara Rosa, $125,000

1137 Marcy St, Spaulding Donta D to Clas Properties LLC, $38,000

1146 Lily St, Arnett Nicholas P to Jackson Angela D Parnell, $45,000

725 Hayden Ave, Williams Frank to Miller Alisa F, $86,500

588 Maringo Ave, Orndorff Madeline M to Kma Capital LLC, $57,100

1031 Brown St, Poe Mark A to Mid America Mortgage Inc, $38,667

500 Mohawk Ave, Love Bertram Allen to Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB2, $47,091

1401 Neptune Ave, Lutz Doris G to LBK Investments LLC, $65,400

587 Victoria Ave, Stormsurge Enterprises Ltd to Delorenzo Franjesh LLC, $56,900

2249 Abbey Rd, Weatherholt Robert A Jr to Testa Dennis L Co Trustee, $205,000

147 Berwyck Dr, Cerny Christine V to Boyce Cody R, $148,000

1116 Sherman St, Properties Plus Investments LLC to Riding Duane, $20,000

989 Hancock Ave, Albright John L to Skipper Tori, $152,000

1640 Delba St, Cox Jennifer to Fleming Kimberly L, $81,000

847 Valdes Ave, Hilton Gerald to Code A Enterprises LLC, $35,000

476 Auld Farm Cir, Triban Investment LLC to K Hovnanian Aspire at Auld Farms LLC, $47,000

140 Seiberling St, LB Group LLC to Meriggiare LLC, $57,500

1452 Apple Ct, Tucker Latisha to Jackson Willard, $230,000

1067 Wycliff Ln, Ederer Properties VII LLC to Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, $220,000

625 Ranney St, Crowe Eric M to Gehret Noah, $90,000

2327 Eastwood Ave, Faulkner Ann to Gobble Aaron T, $114,725

1516 Hillcrest St, Blaser Properties LLC to Pace Frederick M, $38,000

274 Alpha Ave, J & L Commercial Real Estate Inc to Shiplett Sierra J, $128,000

581 Aqueduct St, Nageotte Jennifer L to Martinez Sarah M, $150,000

559 Koerber Ave, Holmes Elsie M to Witchey Lyal A Jr, $32,000


984 Perry Ave, Lemon Jerry D Jr to Jackson Bryan Christopher, $61,000

344 E Tuscarawas Ave, Taylor Sheldon D to Keener Kristopher K, $97,000

123 Hermann St, Haynes Raymond S to Anderson Andrea N, $115,000

411 Spruce St, Selby Normajean to Deangelo Lisa T, $144,900

143 Elmwood Ave, Kay Management LLC to Akron 6 LLC, $65,500

825 Robinson Ave, Sarver Isaac to Kefalos Thomas, $81,000

160 22nd St NW, Barberton Realty One LLC to Delaney Robin Hall, $114,000

1065 Shannon Ave, Clark Keith M to Rawson Joshua S, $30,000

118 28th St NW, Eidmann Hunter T to Compan Hunter Dale, $110,000

2553 Bishop Oval, NVR Inc to Lynch Duska, $287,330

433 17th St NW, Dxxiii LLC to Talty Vickie, $49,900

5233 Witner St, NVR Inc to Gossmeyer Carson, $265,645

237 19th St NW, Little Richard D to Wade Kaysee, $53,000

Bath Township

5120 W Bath Rd, Burrell Kathleen J to Wang Ying, $550,000

1843 N Medina Line Rd, Gardner Michael J to Fiorella Andrew G, $645,000

Boston Township

200 & 212 Kendall Park Rd, Klaczko Patricia J to Borschowa Patrick, $276,000

Copley Township

4466 Hillside Dr, Zhai Hong to Nepal Madhulal, $475,000

4142 Mohawk Dr, Munroe Margaret Anne to Sands David E Co Trustee, $289,900

884 Kirkwall Dr, Ellebruch Daniel A to Steiner Leslie Jane, $115,900

2739 S Cleveland Massillon Rd, Groetz Jodi to Starkey Jason, $140,000

2799 Mull Unit 10-B Ave, Watson Taelor Leigh to Hameer Ashley N, $82,000

1361 Milan Ave, Kab Growth LLC to Brown Jenna, $175,000

Coventry Township

3644 Portage Point Blvd, Akron Summit Properties LLC to Mcclintock Carlos, $300,000

3648 State Rd, Ugurlu Robin Perkins Trustee to Ferguson James G III, $150,000

1734 Turkeyfoot Lake, Crouch Rebecca to Demars Oliivier, $249,900

741 Longacre Dr, Murdock Angelisa to 741 Longacre LLC, $200,000

parcel 1901781 Ponciana Ave, Mcdonald Alexis J to Eiber Joseph J, $82,000

3576 Portage Point Blvd, Barnett Sydney L to Habegger Jeffrey D, $370,000

749 Robinson Ave, Roman Angela E to Knechtel Jacob A, $225,000

388 Cargo Ave, Voros Kellie to Barry Cathy Dague, $141,200

Cuyahoga Falls

1543 12th St, Howell John Sr to Smith Karen S, $190,000

1872 15th St, Smith Cathleen J to Frammartino Construction Co LLC, $25,000

120 Van Doren Dr, Breiding Susan K to Rodriguez Christopher, $181,000

1832 19th St, Tvrdik Christina M to Kkempthorn Amber D, $117,000

1828 Newberry St, Conway Properties & Rentals LLC to Foreman Garrett M, $76,000

1965 Tudor St, Karabatsos Lauren A Mangina to Delorenzo Franjesh LLC, $80,000

230 Lincoln Ave, Mounts Jacqualyne L to B.a.r. Holdings LLC, $75,100

2064 Stone St, Stefanek Dennis M to Bagley Grant, $155,000

2213 Providence Blvd, Fugo Tami to Zager Louis Vincent, $268,000

221 Marguerite Ave, Fieldson Richard III to Collier James W Trustee, $155,000

2128 21st St, Myer Wayne W to Jaklitch Joseph Edward, $165,000

2128 6th St, Garber Karen A to Collier James W Trustee, $170,000

1322 Meriline St, Digeroloma Angela L to Digeroloma Joyce Ann, $55,000

3189 8th St, Gurung Raj to Brocious Rhonda, $220,000

3050 13th St, Dilts George B Trustee to Smith Debra A, $125,000

2442 25th St, Gammell Kristin L to Reinhardt Bryan R, $148,000

2429 14th St, Suhaib Hammad B to Rohrer Alex H, $137,500

2890 7th St, Lyberger Ruth J to Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB5, $137,000

1639 Union St, Cairns Hannah K to Moore Cameron, $132,000

1910 Tudor St, Brand Joshua L to Weslog LLC, $231,000

4047 North Steels Cir, NVR Inc to Dorn Dale Matthew, $295,275

parcel 3506095 Creekside Trl, A R Lockhart Development Co to A R Lockhart Development Co, $5,000

493 Steels Corners Rd, Bektic Izet to Melchior Michael, $359,900

3199 Old Mill Dr, Baldwin Marcel to Gault Kathleen Daugherty, $375,000

3505 E Prescott Cir, Rayburn Anita L to Wenz Katherine L, $185,900


3321 Lenox Village Dr, Derrig Joshua to Testa Vito Jr, $196,500

2572 Sand Run Pkwy, Yott Barbara A to Drozek Properties LLC, $225,000


4474 Rayel CR, Watson Howard E to Loyd Alexander D, $345,600

2654 Cardington Green, PMW Holdings LLC to Alexander Gary, $266,500

parcel 2810828 Stalnaker Dr, Myers Thomas to Freeman Timothy, $45,000

4484 Sunnyview Dr, Owens Jason L to Brausch Jacob G, $270,000

3397 Chadwick Dr, Renninger Scott A to Renninger Scott A, $480,000

4171 Meadow Wood Ln, Corsaut William James Co Trustee to Stearns Lawrence J, $340,000

1904 Players Cir, Carson Michael D to Swansiger Jonathan R, $256,000

1970 Birkdale Dr, Murray Chelsie L to Morena Michael, $321,000

1366 Maple Grove Ln, K Hovnanian Forest Lakes LLC to Miller Tiffany J, $242,640

1467 Summer Wood Ln, Melvin Brian E to Simmons Christopher M, $359,900

1364 Maple Grove Ln, K Hovnanian Forest Lakes LLC to Smith Chad Wesley, $279,911

4441 Merlin Dr, Round Robert W to Tim Efobi Jesse J, $270,000

3658 Myersville Rd, Stefanov Theodore to Lorenz Ralph, $340,480

2060 Hawthorn Ct, Maynard Tomiko to Barnett William M III, $490,000


669 Barlow Rd, Vizmeg George to Paspalovski Petre, $470,000

parcel 3006323 Stow Rd, Boyer Terry to Vizmeg George, $115,000

5110 Sodalite Dr, Williams Donna M to Kwok Guan-Bok, $300,000

1601 Barlow Rd, Filon Paul C to Freedman Katherine, $322,500

1425 Middleton Rd, Schumacher Homes of Akron Canton Inc to English Jamie Scott, $205,000

2852 St George Dr, Szczepanski Brennan J to Cates Adair W, $571,000

2074 Jesse Dr, Mccord William T to Ferri Reno II, $425,000


2755 Springfield Lake Blvd, Livingston Cynthia M to Kmap Enterprises Inc, $135,000


9418 Ledge Acres Rd, Stawicki Barbara to Bowles Autumn, $163,000

8466 Viola Way, Smith Cory A to Bommer Ryan, $470,000


3809 Dick St, Lee Robert R Jr to Poth Joseph, $80,000

Munroe Falls

58 Bermont Ave, Lehrer Gregory A Trustee to Dickman Ginnene Marie, $200,000

New Franklin

1204 Johns Rd, Wanzie Helen to Waddell Barbara, $271,000

3247 Vanderhoof Rd, Buckhorn Properties LLC to Neel Patrick, $285,000

4918 Will Dr, Mitrovic Veroslava to Barnett James B, $165,000

Northfield Center Township

7347 Forest Cove Ln, Jaroscak Andrew J to Mayer Kathleen A, $232,000

496 Shallow Creek Cir, Flerchinger Michael Robert to Wilson David A, $289,900

7575 Kitner Blvd, Andel Gregory A Trustee to Aron Margaret L, $220,000

32 Firebush Lane, Fisher Donald E to Singley Julie, $155,000

544 Country View Pkwy, Hilewick Patricia A Trustee to Bayless Ronald L, $316,400

7905 Pomona Ave, Rennebaum Joan to Rennebaum James F, $73,830

8688 Olde Eight Rd, 8688 Olde Eight Property LLC to Miles Sean Lorenzo, $356,000

Northfield Village

237 Summit Ave, Thornton Lucretia A to Promise Land Construction LLC, $90,000

147 Birch Ave, Tonkin Catherine M to Coleman George L, $210,000

9151 Cranbrook Dr, RVR Realty & Investment LLC to Kaiser Robert, $100,000


4696 Roop Ave, Getz Scott A to Milich Amy S, $225,000

4699 S Hametown Rd, Bertz Matthew R to Lucas Jay, $165,500

2767 Streeb Dr, Benttle Development LLC to NVR Inc, $50,000

3904 Higgins Dr, Addison Norton LLC to NVR Inc, $54,168

3914 Higgins Dr, Addison Norton LLC to NVR Inc, $54,168

4008 Greenwich Rd, Resecker Dan E to Turner Maricel, $215,000

2694 Laubach Dr, NVR Inc to Wise Virginia, $274,865


3409 Beaver Trl, Ross Eugene G Jr to Simonelli Ricardo, $77,710

10097 Hideaway CV, Allen Robert Daniel to Magnani Diane M, $138,000

3329 Fenmore Ln, Matt Lesley A to Lopez Jason Jesus, $337,000

Richfield Township

4369 Kings Forest Blvd, Russell Jon J to Mclaughlin Robert Craig, $1,049,900


3277 Southern Rd, Heise Wilbert W to Gabbert Jenean P Trustee, $75,000

3814 Faith Ln, Kinnell Patricia A to Larsen Donald H, $230,000

Sagamore Hills Township

7360 Trailside Dr, Miller Kevin Brian to Schmitt Sherry A, $148,000

1105 Nesbitt Rd, Andrasik Raymond to Boll Heather Lea Anderson, $335,000

801 Hampton Ct, Kwitkowski Mary L to Mckee Daniel H, $281,000

1005 Canyon View Rd, Rogalski Iacovone Elaine M Trustee to Owens Victoria L, $161,000

Springfield Township

735 Eastview Dr, Pucella James D to Mcglumphy Vernelle, $69,540

2075 Greencrest Dr, Walters Patricia A to Pickett Alfred Jr, $133,000

508 Howard Ave, Qilin Group LLC to Romano James, $40,000

2876 Linwood Rd, Hayes Nancy M to Matejin Zoran, $76,400

488 Edith Ave, Lowther Candi L to Lowther Lucien Dominic Julius, $94,000


4858 Somerset Dr, Wollschleger Bryan S to Fournier Lori Bowman, $342,329

1782 Hibbard Dr, Palur Elona J to Ruggles Amy S, $175,000

3435 Lakeview Blvd, Cartwright Pamela Y to Watkins Charles G, $220,000

3734 Elm Rd, Syx Carl S & Syx Jaime M to Rex Kristin, $245,000

4299 Cox Dr, Rogers Anthony J to Jmi Ventures LLC, $97,200

4688 Danforth Reserve, Andrassy Dale W to Sedlock Joseph P Jr, $485,000

4256 Meadowlark Trl, Kennerly Darnell to Baines Holdings Ltd, $152,500


108 Northwood Ln, Marcinek Aloysius Richard III to Beard Danielle A, $300,000

585 Washburn Rd, Mccartney Richard to Goslin Richard S, $350,000

1125 E Howe Rd, Martin Jessica G to Youssef Abdallah, $160,000

905 Vicki Path, Reed John David to Reed Andrew R, $300,000

936 Eastwood Ave, Lans Inc to Bala Real Estate LLC, $160,000

469 Tammery Dr, Sitko Winifred K to Anderson Preshious, $199,900


1716 Stone Creek Ln, Summers Mary Catherine to Snyder Denise M, $132,000

9417 Chamberlin Rd, Marder Kai to King Joseph A, $225,000

11239 Stanley Ln, Schneider Kent B to Schiciano Jeffrey, $266,000

9412 Chamberlin Rd, Marder Shawn to Marder Kai, $299,000

9394 Darrow Rd, Bogus Dennis R to Purnell Thomas J, $185,000

9992 Parkland Dr, Jaskiewicz Mark S to Jacobson Samantha, $345,000



206 Parkview, Thorne Elizabeth Ann to Orrill Ralph & Deborah (J&S), $290,000

Greenbriar 5 Lot 199 NW Parkview, Thorne Elizabeth Ann to Orrill Ralph & Deborah (J&S), $290,000

132 Parkview, Divvy Homes Warehouse A LLC to Sizemore Kathleen J (Trustee), $274,517

Lot 19 SE Parkview, Divvy Homes Warehouse A LLC to Sizemore Kathleen J (Trustee), $274,517

860 Dipper Ln, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Lewis Kenneth R (Trustee), $342,075

425 W Club Dr, Duponty Anthony T Jr to Catalano Anthony & Leslie (Trustees), $935,000

Brimfield Township

2224 Orchard Cr, Cranberry Farm LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $61,800

2267 Orchard Cr, Cranberry Farm LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $61,800

2184 Orchard Cr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Klembus Brandon S & Michele A Moore, $338,455

3886 Selnik Rd, Fazenbaker Mary F to Cook Crystal A, $175,000

4081 St Rt 43, Yee Sook Him & Betty Louie Yee to CDS Real Estate Investments LLC, $255,000

Deerfield Township

Lot 34 E Fewtown Rd, Reagan Osta Louise & George Frederick (J&S) to Lam Nicholas T & Angela D (J&S), $29,000

311 Driftwood, Caruso James F & Carrie L (J&S) to Anders Randall & Angela (J&S), $140,000

BLK B N Benton Shores Brentwood, Caruso James F & Carrie L (J&S) to Anders Randall & Angela (J&S), $140,000

Edinburg Township

Lot 7 St Rt 14, Recker David & Deborah (J&S) to Hewitt William O & Shalee L Sinsel (J&S), $40,000

Lot 5 NE SD-6 Hughes Rd, Jenkins Ronald L & Sharon D (J&S) to Vizmeg George, $34,000

Franklin Township

4667 Louis Ln, Newcomer Partners LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $79,750


11743 Peckham, Borling Raymond J to Lyons Aaron & Stefanie (J&S), $169,000


1104 Munroe Falls Rd, Douglas Deborah to Cheprakova-Milone Natalya, $170,000

721 W Main, Bisirri Americo & Kelli (J&S) to Timken Cameron D, $100,000

551 Valley View St, Digiacomo Anthony P II & Maria (J&S) to Hirz John & Lynn (J&S), $199,000

461 Wolcott, Stine Gwyneth E to Bennett Richard E IV, $165,000

Mantua Township

4770 Wayne Rd, Monroe Eleanor to Monroe Jared & Ashley (Tic), $240,000

Palmyra Township

Daniels Plat 1 Lot 5 Scotts Corner, Kurtz Malita M Aka Malita Marie to White Helen C, $165,000

10665 Scotts Corner, Kurtz Malita M to White Helen C, $165,000

Daniels Plat 1 Lot 3 Scotts Corner, Kurtz Malita M Aka Malita Marie to White Helen C, $165,000

3506 Jones, Scott Richard C to Ramseyer Mcclintock A & Jared L Scott, $250,000


718 Highland, Kasper Carl A & Faith M (J&S) to Pietrolaj Michael & Amy (J&S), $136,000

524 Ravenna, Second Mile Properties LLC to Dostal David C & Brigette (J&S), $50,000

Ravenna Township

6235 Gladys, JFFJ LLC to Provenzano Robert J, $87,000

MC El Div 5 Lot 3 F 30.00 Henderson, G & R Property Solutions LLC to Bogovich James W & Todd (J&S), $164,000

6778 Henderson, G & R Property Solutions LLC to Bogovich James W & Todd (J&S), $164,000

MC El Div 5 Lot 1 F 30.00 Henderson, G & R Property Solutions LLC to Bogovich James W & Todd (J&S), $164,000

6894 Infirmary, Reilly Constance Sue to Funai James T & Rachelle I, $70,000

Rootstown Township

4447 Lakewood, Epling Jonathan M & Kathryn J (J&S) to Vannoy Danielle, $210,000

3661 Lynn, Black Linda L (Trustee) to Cutright Jason E & Lynn M (J&S), $120,000

3175 Bird, Sladkey Jacob J IV & Cindy L Duncan (J&S) to Gallegos Brian, $254,500

4798 Jennifer Ave, Glass Brian D & Amy L (J&S) to Ammons Samuel Dwight & Ellen Marie (J&S), $265,000

Shalersville Township

3185 Lake Rockwell, Mosier Philip A to Hamilton Jae & Corrina Colyer (J&S), $159,000

2757 Fairfax, Vespucci Christopher to Bogolin Ashley A, $170,000


1666 Duncan Way, FLG Streetsboro LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $73,680

1658 Duncan Way, FLG Streetsboro LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $73,680

1662 Duncan Way, FLG Streetsboro LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $73,680

1637 Duncan Way, FLG Streetsboro LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $73,680

1469 Duncan Wy, Dever Brendan P & Danielle N (J&S) to Davis Benjamin & Karissa (J&S), $325,000

1905 Fairways Dr, Donaldson Jeanne M to Mateo Gilda I, $318,000

936 Bristol Ln, Murray Tucker Elizabeth to Kobylinski Amanda, $160,000

1235 Cherokee Tl, Carlton Jerry to Burg James Edward & Kiara Marie Kestranek (J&S), $231,000

Suffield Township

2069 Martin, Musa Harun to Ellis Thomas M & Rosalie G (J&S), $45,000

Windham Village

9584 Greenmeadow, Green Pointe Management LLC to MSM Group I LLC, $150,000

9584 Greenmeadow, PJK Properties LLC to Green Pointe Management LLC, $90,000



Briner Benjamin A from Marsili Jaci R, parcel 106185 S Liberty Ave, $1,000.

Canary Properties LLC from Louc I Ltd, 247 W Wayne St, $55,000.

Gordon Harry & Julie from Kimes Peggy & Greenawalt Larry, 212 Florence Ave, $85,000.

Haverstock Barbara from Nave Properties LLC, 507 Dorwood Dr, $169,900.

Mucklo Zachary M from Jahdi Cyrus, 2901 Center Ave, $173,000.

Nieman Gregory from Allen Saprina Ttee, 252 W Columbia St, $82,500.

Rogel Angela J from Nastari Matthew L & Sarah M, 984 Parkside Dr, $158,000.

Ward Michael W from Joseph Jeffery A & Estock Sarah M, 1289 South St, $37,450.

Bethlehem Township

Heater Julie & Davisson Renee from Pinter Jon & Stacey, parcel 1100457 Zebra Strip Ave SW, $3,000.

Wilson Richard & Leighann from Slobodia Matthew & Dillard Kley, parcel 1101070 Python Path, $6,300.


Adams Barry E & Fields-Adams Sonya M from Cundiff Tiffany, 2207 Maxine Ave NE, $108,000.

Agbroko Celena from B&N Rental Properties LLC, 1425 Tuscarawas St E, $16,100.

Arellanos Zabaleta Wendy J from Gemstone Properties Inc, 1013 Smith Ave SW, $3,800.

Baker Street Homes LLC from Martin James L & Marcia A, 1647 Struble Ave NE, $80,000.

Butcher Robert & Diane from Weinman Kevin, 1703 Ferndale Rd NW, $129,000.

Butun Ali Can from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1316 Walnut Ave NE, $42,200.

CC Exteriors LLC from Miller Eric & Kimberly, 1118 Dartmouth Ave SW, $55,000.

Chevalier Adrienne M Ttee from Barkheimer Realty Ltd, 501 Flamos Cir NE, $89,900.

Cline Sarah E from Cline Clifford E & Dixie J, 1416 24th St NW, $92,000.

Cole-by Investment Properties LLC from Mosher Gary A, 1031 Clinton Ave SW, $107,049.

Cole-by Investment Properties LLC from Mosher Gary, 2808 12th St SW, $107,049.

CROSIER18 LLC from the Bank of New York Mellon Fka the Ban, 705 Shadyside Ave SW, $43,508.

Elliott Daniel P from Sams Pamela J, 1211 Shadyside Ave SW, $52,600.

Fame City Properties LLC from Pendleton Gary M, 1411 Laiblin PL NE, $22,000.

Ford Lucas P from Nitowski Raymond D & Jean C, 1703 24th St NW, $115,000.

Hunt Tara & Piacella Tyler from Battle Daniel v, 3415 Dapplegray St NW, $215,000.

Ickes Owen C from Swallowtail Properties LLC, 1608 28th St NW, $170,000.

JM Investing LLC from Griffith Billy R, 515 Clarendon Ave NW, $72,000.

Kirkpatrick Timothy O from Peterman Matthew, 1127 Greenfield Ave SW, $93,000.

Mayle Daniel J from Bratcher Benjamin J, 207 34th St NW, $241,000.

Mccurdy Sarah L & Weaver William D from Kinlow Thomas L, 732 Gobel Ave NE, $25,000.

Mcroy Mercedes from MS Enterprises LLC, 1418 Ridgeway PL NW, $105,000.

Neo Home Buyers Inc from Aquila Sam T II & Katie A, 1231 Barton PL NE, $55,000.

Neo Home Buyers Inc from St Pauls African Methodist Episcopal Chu, 1405 23rd St NE, $55,000.

Regimbal Diana M from Swat Roofing Ltd, 1410 9th St NW, $155,000.

Roberts Raquel from Davis Victoria L, 2706 Fletcher Ave NE, $49,500.

RPW Properties LLC from Casto James Alan, 2659 Maple Ave NE, $60,000.

Schuler Christopher J from Campanelli Samuel Micahel II, 114 Poplar Ave NW, $172,500.

SFR3-050 LLC from Ross Kazumi, 1410 18th St NW, $69,400.

SFR3-060 LLC from Mosher Gary A & Denise A, 2009 Hauer CT NW, $70,000.

the Antioch Baptist Church of Canton from Arlington Avenue Church of God, 133 Smith Ave NW, $500,000.

the Antioch Baptist Church of Canton from Arlington Avenue Church of God, 141 Smith Ave NW, $500,000.

the Antioch Baptist Church of Canton from Pentecostal Assembly Church of God, parcel 285776 Arlington Ave NW, $500,000.

the Antioch Baptist Church of Canton from Pentecostal Assembly Church of God, parcel 285948 3rd St NW, $500,000.

the Antioch Baptist Church of Canton from Pentecostal Assemblychurch of God, 142 Arlington Ave NW, $500,000.

Walkie Talkie Espresso & Coffee LLC from Try Properties LLC, 504 15th St NW, $73,000.

Walleck Adam R from Walleck Philip R, 1243 Shadyside Ave SW, $77,000.

Yoder Cattle Company from Spiegel Channing Paul, 1112 Hoover PL NW, $18,000.

Youngman Lisa & Pattison Jennifer from Reyes-Santiago Jesus I & Agnes, 1300 38th St NW, $109,900.

Zernechel Judson R & Rebecca E from Kinsinger Amy L, 706 22nd St NW, $120,000.

Canton Township

Atlantic Real Estate Holdings LLC from Prestier Doug TSTEE/518-520 Aultmont Ave, 518 Aultmont Ave NW, $125,000.

Dunne Patrick J from Guardado Anthony, 209 28th St SW, $131,500.

Irvin Daniel D & Renita D from Kitzmiller Aron D, 209 Carnwise St SW, $190,000.

Lohr Brittney Lynn from Myers Sandra K., 131 38th St SW, $91,500.

Mayle Jeremy H from Mayle Nathan L & Foltz Anna M, 2923 25th St SE, $70,000.

US Bank National Association from Wright Samuel A, 1500 Warner Rd SE, $34,000.

Uslick Craig J & Julie M from Mueller Donald M, 1631 W Park Ave NW, $175,000.

Uslick Craig J & Julie M from Mueller Donald M, parcel 1500134 West Park Ave NW, $175,000.

Jackson Township

7500 Seymour LLC from Hensley Samuel Mcdavid, 7500 Seymour St NW, $292,500.

Acone Suzannah W Ttee from Rutledge James, 5201 Springblossom Cir NW, $400,000.

Andreski Steven M & Sara A from Kelley Marjorie L &Schoch Richard M, 9257 Ruby Ridge St NW, $471,000.

Calevski David J & Laura from Camp Patricia W, 5629 N Island Dr NW, $380,000.

Castelluci Jeremy & Karen from Willgues Kent Allen Jr, 8350 Orchardway St NW, $261,000.

Class Michael J & Hannah N from Kakos Dean C & Pamela J, 8572 Yorkshire St NW, $350,000.

Clay Steven James & Laurie A from Huston Douglas A & Susan P, 4040 Hyatt Ave NW, $212,000.

DSK Holdings LLC from Kuntz Joseph R, 4763 Higbee Ave NW Unit 4, $134,000.

Ferrante Anthony T & Debra L from Butterfield Brian D, parcel 1605525 Fleetwood Ave NW, $25,000.

Hall Crystal & Chad from Appleman Patrick R & Sharon Rena, 6430 Great Court Cir NW, $555,000.

Jenkins Keith & Analine from Slaga Delia M, 9296 Ruby Ridge St NW, $635,000.

Keplinger Kevin P & Brandi L from Canterbury Preserveltd, 7451 Emerald Glen Ave NW, $85,000.

Pand Properties LLC from Jackson Depot LLC, 4202 Portage St NW, $160,000.

Richardson Luke Thomas & Sharon from Peterson Paul R Jr & Wanda M, 5300 West BLVD NW, $325,000.

Sisson Anthony J & Bethany A from Garvey Antoinette R, 601 Stuart St NW, $156,000.

Sluss Shelby E & Mitchell J from Regal Construction Co, 5920 Freitag St NW, $380,000.

Lake Township

Cooper Chase W & Kerrie M from Jordan James M Ttee, 13616 Market Ave N, $210,000.

Martina Mark A Jr & Kimberly L from Breit Jeffrey S & Novak Amy L, 490 Byberry Dr NE, $455,000.

Mcghee Matthew G & Kedra Sherry E from Swartz Ruth D, parcel 2002081 Heckman St NW, $49,000.

Miller Kristen R & John-Paul from Weisel Ronald R & Esther P, 11325 William Penn Ave NE, $165,000.

Montana Joseph J & Camela from Montana C Gail Trustee, 1930 Balmore St NW, $149,500.


Eckmeyer Virgil & Elizabeth from Hackel Elva S, 1644 Hiram St, $175,000.

Graziani Anthony & Janelle from Foltz Jeremy J & Yutzey Nichole M, 1520 Michigan BLVD, $280,000.

Jeffery Elizabeth M from Grandison Charles W, 618 S Silver St, $129,900.

Pool Trina & Johnson Bobby from Tormasi Joshua M & Erica R, 916 Woodmore St, $330,000.

Stillion Ryan S from Zwilling Justin R & Hurtt Hillary, 233 Pennsylvania Ave, $167,000.

Marlboro Township

Roosa Dakota & Norman Sarah from Cassetty Steve, 14654 Ravenna Ave NE, $89,000.


Beadle Daniel A Jr & Deanna Lynn from Woods Billy J, 2805 Sickels Cir SE, $265,000.

Bealer Lawrence A from Heather Gerald L & Scott E Trustees of, 28 Houston St SW, $25,000.

Cerezo Brian & Vergara Marygrace from M Sidote Capital LLC, 731 14th St SE, $96,750.

Fife Mary K from Continental Community Management Service, 4 Rolling Park Dr N, $25,000.

Gephart Linda S from Ringley Kathleen J, 822 Stratford Ave NE, $177,100.

Harris Sheila A & Gary L from Toles Theodore D & Harris Sheila A, 1317 Arapahoe St SE, $15,320.

Harris Sheila A & Gary L from Toles Theodore D & Harris Sheila A, parcel 609798 16th St SE, $15,320.

Harris Sheila A & Gary L from Toles Theodore D L/E Williams Byrdie L, 1717 Shawnee St SE, $15,320.

Hostetler Mitchell & Angie from Schalmo Properties Inc, parcel 10013701 Forest Ave NE, $32,900.

Johnston Richard & Bethany L from Dick Norman W & Margaret R, 2312 Southway St SW, $196,000.

Large Ashley from Leipart Nathaniel W, 410 Hamilton Ave NE, $145,000.

Lau Faith Ann from Johnson Darrell & Cortney, 535 29th St NW, $125,000.

Pape Vincent & Christine from Pape Joseph E, 154 Page St NW, $110,000.

Parker Carolyn from Continental Community Management Service, 135 Rolling Park Dr N, $17,000.

Royce Doris from Fife Mary, 2 Rolling Village LN, $9,500.

Schmucker Paul III from MD Enterprises of Apple Creek Inc, 2611 Erie St S, $147,500.

Stidd Rickey & Connie from Continental Community MGMT Services, 20 Rolling Acres Cir E, $6,000.

Vanzant Mark & Vanzant Autumn from Bulgrin Donald, 805 11th St SE, $31,900.

Nimishillen Township

Henkel Brandon & Pitts Chandler N from Dewalt Michael E, 5251 Broadview St NE, $188,000.

Quinn Shaun Anthony from Yablonski Donna J Etal, 5015 Glenoak Dr, $203,000.

North Canton

Daye Michael C & Samantha from Basit Abdul & Mazhar Faiza, 1641 Halifax Way SE, $535,000.

Kimberlin Elizabeth L from Winkhart Andrea Marie, 1544 Westfield Ave SW, $189,000.

Nelson Jessica Winifred & Hall Justin from Bressi Frank J & Linda D Trustees of the, 206 Summit St SW, $195,000.

Wilburn James M IV & Lorraine from Lewis Raymond E, 505 Morello St SW, $235,000.

Williams Allison K from Horning Joshua B, 1675 Carlton Ave SE, $238,000.

Osnaburg Township

Bosler Lauren R from Haley Jeffery S, 391 Orchard St NW, $147,500.

Paris Township

Martineau Nicole from American Trailer Homes LLC, 14000 Lincoln St SE #86, $7,900.

Rodd Joshua E from Holland Vernon Dean & Tamera K, 509 Prospect St, $74,000.

Perry Township

Alterio Nathan J & Jamie K from Schembechler Raymond A II & Margaret L, 1711 Bramblebush St NW, $340,000.

Barkheimer Sarah M Trustee from Perry Grange Home Co C/O Jill Wilson, parcel 10002610 Navarre Rd SW, $361,350.

Barkheimer Sarah M Trustee from Perry Grange Home Co, 6300 Richville Dr SW, $361,350.

Gassman Peter & Heather from Popa Jennifer R, 3335 Meadowwood St NW, $206,000.

Geitgey Rebeca S from Wenger Acquistions LLC, 520 Lennox Ave SW, $41,300.

Jacobsen Brittany M from Boney Justin T, 4932 14th St SW, $112,500.

Johnston Richard & Bethany L from Dick Norman W & Margaret R, parcel 4318526 Southway St SW, $196,000.

Jolly Rogers Properties LLC from SFR3-030 LLC, 1310 Saratoga Ave SW, $85,000.

KL Investments LLC from Meadows Ohio LLC, 4516 Navarre Rd SW Lot #46, $2,000.

Mandato Colleen Crush from Meadows Ohio LLC, 4516 Navarre Rd SW Lot #37, $1,800.

Realty Renovations LLC from Childress Willis & Norma J, 4252 Roselawn Ave SW, $100,600.

Shirley Robert R & Bertie L from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 6885 Gauntlet St SW, $297,205.

Torres Maldonado Manuel from Meadows Ohio LLC, 4516 Navarre Rd SW Lot #12, $1,100.

Verhart Jeffrey S & Lynn A from Dash Residential LLC, 1610 Isler Cir NW, $240,000.

Worthington Tracy from Meadows Ohio LLC, 4516 Navarre Rd SW Lot #25, $2,000.

Yager Kyle A & Nicole M from Jenkins Keith S Jr & Analine T, 1116 Marion Ave NW, $243,750.

Yi Norman from Thomas Richard A & Marla K F, 1442 Ellwood Ave SW, $110,000.

Pike Township

Garner Jeffery L & Beth A from Strahler Francis, 6721 Maplehurst Ave SE, $62,000.

Manzonie Johnny J & Heather D from Henry William J, parcel 4900852 Foxcrest St SE, $22,000.

Plain Township

Barlow Matthew & Scheck Chelsea from Thunder Holdings LLC, 3607 Orion St NW, $201,000.

Homebridge Financial Services Inc from Vasbinder Samuel H & Barbara B, 8155 Hidden Glen Ave NE, $272,715.

Huenergardt Susan from Leahy Kristie Nicole, 1106 Spangler St NE, $135,000.

Ippolito Christopher from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 1217 Southbrook Cir NE, $406,755.

Jeffries Andrew Michael from Groffre Investments, 2930 Sharonwood Ave NW, $70,000.

Juba Andrew & Jennifer from Oster Brian C & Amyb, 1175 Chelmsford St NW, $321,000.

Kennedy Loreal from Stimer Genevieve P, 2018 39th St NW, $130,000.

Leonhard Michael & Sarah from Montgomery Street Homes LLC, 2367 Mohler Dr NW, $297,600.

Market Ave LLC from Church John & Cherryl, 5533 Market Ave N, $69,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, 3398 Stoneleigh Rd NE, $72,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, 3417 Stoneleigh Rd NE, $72,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Mckinley Edgewood Development Company LL, 1340 Fountain View St NE, $72,000.

Pointe Realty LLC from Heppner James J & Deitrick Robert, 3407 Kuemerle CT NE, $500,000.

Sugarcreek Township

Emery Adam from Loretto Kathryn T, 484 Tuscarawas Ave NW, $149,900.

Fender Clinton Earl & Shauna Jo Ttees from Hysong Michael & Tonia, 5914 Adams Ave SW, $237,400.

Fender Clinton Earl & Shauna Jo Ttees from Hysong Michael & Tonia, parcel 6701184 Greenhaven St SW, $237,400.

Smith Alexis Ann from Nicklin Patrick C & Catherine M, 837 Harriman Ave SW, $162,000.

Tuscarawas Township

Glick Joseph W & Charlene Kay from Border Donna M, parcel 7206937 Upland Ave SW, $110,000.

Thorny Rose Ltd from JP Morgan Chase Bank, 11888 Lincoln Way NW, $83,620.

Ward Timothy Eric & Sarah from Chumney Edward L, 11769 Poorman St SW, $475,000.

Washington Township

Hoover Donald Z & Alyssa L from Anderson Jonathan D & Rachel E, 1180 Beech St NE, $190,000.

Overholt Jesse & David & Wilma from Hoover Alyssa & Donald, 15971 Georgetown St NE, $140,000.

Wellendorf Corey B from KJ Sarchione II LLC, 700 Bayton St E, $250,000.



229 Franks Ave, Burton Steven C to Britton Samuel O & Deborah L, $68,000

2603 Blake Rd, English Kevin R to Beck Joseph, $325,000

parcel 040-20A-16-053 Stratford Ave (R), Green Real Estate Investments LLC to Wadsworth City Board of Education, $24,000

parcel 040-20A-16-056 Stratford Ave, Green Real Estate Investments LLC to Wadsworth City Board of Education, $24,000

324 Broad St, Oddo Julie A to Casamia LLC, $265,000

181 Morningview Ridge Cir, Builders Financial Services Inc to Arbogast Kenneth, $49,000


5333 Lake Forest Reserve, Surak Patricia I to Dixon Patricia A, $350,000

5037 Forestland Ct, Seeholzer Ida M to Keaveny Eugene T & Nicholette A, $340,000

5020 Walden Ln, Meder James M to Klenjoska Jasna & Darko Gjorgjijoski, $444,000

2338 Auden CL, Lipchek Alissa M to Jankowski William, $380,000

4347 Inner Circle Dr Unit C-2, TNT Marico LLC to Vicker Chelsey Renee, $81,000

286 Sheri Dr, Bowen Robert E Trustee to SFR3-050 LLC, $115,000

1053 N Carpenter Rd, Murry Renee & Brent Schmidt to Callahan Jonathan P, $220,000

4195 Regal Ave, Buresti Georgia M to Bagger Charles R & Bonnie, $272,000

3061 Nationwide Pkwy, Schembri James F Trustee to Fresh Starts Holdings LLC, $1,255,000

1406 Congressional Ave, Timko Josh to Bradigan Andrew J, $22,500

1965 Gaylann Dr, Goss Joseph C to Skrzypek Vincent E, $162,000

2131 Gaylann Dr, Macre Daniel M III to Keppler Thomas J Jr, $148,000

2848 Galway Dr, Drees Company the to Patel Jigisha R & Rajesh A, $612,678

70 Castle Ct, Mullins Crystal M to Nash Steven, $160,000

3904 Keller-Hanna Dr, Mysliwiec David to Hann Connor Wayne & Claire, $200,000

parcel 003-18B-32-143 Keller-Hanna Dr, Mysliwiec David to Hann Connor Wayne & Claire, $200,000

1277 Saxon Ave, Morgan David Robert to Grida Dominic Joseph, $260,000

Chippewa Lake

607 Reid Rd, Hamlin Lori E to Skidmore Robert C & Claudia M, $103,000


403 River Rd, Sheldon Jason & Jennifer J Joplin to Morgan Korrin R & Ryan, $265,000

270 Center Rd, Augustyn Mark T to Crouch Jay B & Susan M Mills, $85,000


3414 Erhart Rd, Connelly Stanley J & Robin R Massaro to Webb Sean, $336,500

parcel 024-04D-23-009 Beat Rd, Novak George to Drees Company the, $121,000


520 Creek Bend Trl, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Barrera Jhune Carlos, $268,455

parcel 013-14D-04-022 Greenwich Rd/jamison Rd, Mace Michael L & Karen A to Welker Ronald D & Jovelyn G, $91,500

139 Harris St, Soeder Kenneth Howard to Dearborn-Davis Katrina, $65,100


7405 Chatham Rd, Hartman Gary L & Jackie to Deeks Cody T & Gina M, $329,000

3803 Hamilton Rd, Vene Gary M & Melanie J to Jurgens James & Mary, $647,200

3324 Thomas Lincoln Pkwy, Prestige and Premier Companies to Fravel Benjamin Robert & Brittany Nicole, $129,000

1121 Grove Ln, Devoe Judy A to Powell Ashley Marie, $208,000

301 Longview Rd, Ross Props3 LLC to Walters David A, $172,500

1100 N Jefferson St U-D, Hallock Debra Lee to Behler Joseph P & Sandra K, $219,900

2826 Aaron Dr, Botfield Gillian S Trustee to Norwillo James J & Sarah F Jeskey, $315,000

359 Arbor Crossing, Kerlin William to Wenzel Amanda, $317,000

320 E Liberty St, Felgar Deborah L to Novak Bradley A & Baylee Burns, $215,000

930 Old Farm Trl, Keffer Jason C to Arthur George & Zoey E Keffer, $170,000

494 Lafayette Rd, Salzman Douglas S to Ewing Alexander J, $105,000

840 Gayer Dr, Stanley Arnold W & Betty M Trustee to Sparks Bradley, $133,560

4215 Sharon Copley Rd, Frazier Tammy S to Shanks Paul & Kayla, $265,000

parcel 029-19A-14-021 Branch Rd, Spring Peeper Properties Ltd to Disbrow William, $55,000

4202 E Normandy PK Dr, Kerr Pamela & Gary to Sanders Donald M & Rebecca L, $185,000

2735 Foxtail Pine Dr, Windfall South LLC to Lambert Jacob M, $135,000

6289 Manor Glen Dr, Bond Jason L & Lindsay N to KNL Custom Homes LLC, $190,000

2262 Port Centre, D & K Sands LLC to JBMS Investment Goup LLC, $960,000

4538 Nettleton Rd, Bowes Allison K to Defraine Zachary M, $185,000

1028 N Jefferson St, Wagner Paige E & Mark R Peabody & Elizabeth A Honey to Doutt James A & Stephanie M, $227,000

311 E North St, Brown Karen E & Mary P Comes to Kochenderfer Raymond John & Macie Elizabeth, $237,100

4023 Beck Rd, Kanzeg Nancy S Trustee to Tharan Chelsie B & Jacob N Stacy, $154,500


3784 Blake Rd, Hart Morgan Bailey to Kerr Liam, $265,000

39 Warner St, Mantz Brian L & Jennifer L to Gurnsey Steven M & Julie M, $103,760

parcel 012-21A-13-198 Warner St, Mantz Brian L & Jennifer L to Gurnsey Steven M & Julie M, $103,760

Sharon Center

1454 Sharon Copley Rd, Huber Johnathon E to Wertz Donald J, $217,500

Valley City

6976 Grafton Rd, Gray Carl G & Audrey A to Pudelski James, $490,000

parcel 025-01D-04-020 Center Rd, Halblaub Shirley to Cekada Mario & Karen A Trustee Cekada Family Trust, $236,000

1602 Greenbriar Run, Drees Company the to Stempinski Scott, $575,571

1551 Honey Badger Ln, Drees Company the to Lantz Grace E & Terry J Jr, $604,946

5434 Center Rd, Halblaub Shirley to Cekada Mario & Karen A Trustee Cekada Family Trust, $236,000

West Salem

9930 Lafayette Rd, Swartzentruber Levi M & Susie M to Hostetler Dannie F & Naomi H, $270,000


Big Prairie

12621 Shreve Rd, Horst Willis R & June E to Martin Todd, $450,000


117 W Middle St, Menk Lori B to Wiley Daniel L Sr & Ruth A S/T, $155,000


11756 Canaan Center Rd, Deidrick Roberta L to Bosl Darenda, $185,000


13060 S Portage St, Zack Jeremy T & Dustine S/T to Morrison Donald K & Lacie B S/T, $410,000

15065 Oak Grove Dr, Weekley Doug to Blaricom Robert Sr & Sarah & Carragh Fahey, $161,000

parcel 12-02620.000 Oak Grove Dr, Weekley Doug to Blaricom Robert Sr & Sarah & Carragh Fahey, $28,620

parcel 17-00064.000 Church St, Knighton Victor T & Theresa AS/T to Mcdermott Scott & Kayla Hillegass S/T, $125,000

204 Circle Dr, Gibson Jaime M to Skymount Solutions LLC, $105,000

512 Church St, Knighton Victor T & Theresa AS/T to Mcdermott Scott & Kayla Hillegass S/T, $125,000

124 W Clinton St, Brahler Terry L to Ellis Andrew & Heather S/T, $152,000


227 E South St, Buren Kelsey to Pine Mills Rentals LLC, $75,000

This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: Home sales for Summit, Stark, Portage, Wayne, Medina week of March 14