Grand Jury clears officer in deadly police shooting

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma County Grand Jury cleared an Oklahoma City Police officer involved in a deadly police shooting.

“Hey! Don’t, don’t reach for it,” yelled MSgt. Daniel Higginbottoms on his body camera footage. “Nope! Nope! Nope! Don’t!”

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Higginbottoms was cleared by an Oklahoma County Grand Jury after the deadly November 9th shooting.

That’s when officers were called to a domestic situation, on NE 12th and Lottie, near OU Health.

Security cam footage shows the suspect, Azjaynee Owens-Bey, pointing his gun at several people.

“6-4 he has three people at gun point,” said Higginbottoms.

Owens-Bey was outside when officers showed up.

“Put the gun down, right now. Put the gun down,” said the MSgt. over the radio. “He just ran into the building.”

Owens-Bey then ran back inside, with his gun drawn, with others around. Police were not too far behind.

“If he points that gun at me, I mean, we’re going,” Higginbottoms said to his fellow officers.

The stand off then moved to an area by vending machines, where Owens-Bey dropped his gun.

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“MSgt. Higginbottoms continued to give the suspect verbal commands to not pick up the gun,” said Captain Valerie Littlejohn. “As Owens-Bey picked the gun pack up, MSgt. Higginbottoms fired his gun again.”

Owens-Bey died at the scene. No one else was hurt.

On January 18, the grand jury watched the videos, listened to witness interviews and testimony, then “concluded a use-of-force expert would not assist or be necessary to their deliberation,” according to the OKCPD press release.

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