Grandmother killed, 4 hurt after car crashes into pedestrians in Brooklyn

A grandmother was killed and an 8-year-old child was fighting for his life after a driver fled a police stop and crashed into pedestrians Saturday in Brooklyn, officials said.

What was called a horrific incident began around 7:10 p.m. in Bedford-Stuyvesant, when officers pulled over a car with mismatched plates and two people who appeared to be smoking marijuana, the New York Police Department said.

“As our police officers exited their vehicle and walked up to that vehicle on foot, that vehicle fled at an extremely high rate of speed,” Assistant Chief Judith Harrison told reporters.

The vehicle struck a bicyclist and two pedestrians, she said.

The car kept going and hit another pedestrian and a vehicle a block away. The two people who had fled got out of the car and left on foot.

Officials said that the person who was killed was an elderly grandmother. An 8-year-old child was also struck and was in critical condition fighting for his life, they said.

Three other people who were injured were at hospitals Saturday and were expected to make a full recovery, Harrison said. She called it a "horrific incident."

One person was in custody and was being "thoroughly interviewed," but had not been charged, Harrison said. “We’re also combing through video, trying to tie him to the incident.”

“We will catch the people responsible,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said.

The deadly crash occurred days after a taxi crashed into pedestrians in Manhattan.

In that incident Monday afternoon, which was being investigated as an accident, a taxi collided with a bicyclist and then went on to a sidewalk, hitting three pedestrians. No deaths were reported but two of the pedestrians had severe leg injuries, police said.