Governor: 5 bodies found under rubble of destroyed building in Donetsk Oblast

The bodies of five people were removed from the rubble of a destroyed house in the village of Niu-York in Donetsk Oblast, Governor Vadym Filashkin reported on Jan. 27.

Three people were injured and five people were trapped under the rubble after a Russian attack on the village on Jan. 15, Governor Filashkin reported at the time.

The bodies taken from the rubble nearly two weeks later are reportedly likely those of the people who were trapped after the attack.

Russian forces dropped two guided aerial bombs on the village and launched a missile that hit the third floor of the building, causing the entrance to collapse.

"This is another cynical Russian attack on the civilian population," Filashkin had written on Telegram.

The village of Niu-York lies in the front-line Toretsk community, a common target of Russian strikes.

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