Gov. Scott Walker on Ryan: Courageous Pick

Matt Berman

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has not been particularly easy on Mitt Romney during the 2012 campaign. In July, Walker said that Romney had to act like more of a reformer, not just a Republican. He also took to MSNBC's Morning Joe to criticize the Republican presidential candidate for being too cautious in his campaign. But if Walker's Sunday Meet the Press appearance is any indication, he's feeling much better about the GOP ticket now that it features fellow Wisconsinite Paul Ryan.

When Walker was asked by host David Gregory about his earlier comments about caution, he made clear that the Ryan pick is "absolutely game changing" and that the pick "shows just how courageous Mitt Romney is."

Walker said the candidates are going to protect Medicare for seniors and future generations, and, taking a cue from the campaign's rollout, that the ticket is "exactly the comeback team we need."

Walker was also asked about "noodling," the practice of catfish fishing that Rep. Ryan has a bit of a reputation for. But Walker was cagey in his response. "That's an interesting one you'll have to ask Paul about," he said.

There will be more opportunities to hear from Walker. He'll be speaking at the Republican National Convention in Tampa starting on Aug. 27.

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