Gov lifts mask mandate for New Jersey schools

At a press conference on Monday, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said the requirement for masks to be worn in schools will be lifted on March 7.

Video Transcript

- Because of the dramatic decline in our COVID numbers effective Monday, March 7, the statewide school mask mandate will be lifted. Additionally, we will lift the statewide mandate in all child care settings. Later this week, we will extend the public health emergency by 30 days to allow for this mask mandate to continue until then and then be responsibly lifted.

As we have with other similar actions, we're announcing this with plenty of advance notice for our schools and childcare settings, for our students and their families, our educators and support staff to determine how this will impact them and to finalize any steps they may need to make in preparation.

Masking continues to be an important tool to prevent the spread of COVID. It should be used in many circumstances. In the coming weeks, the Department of Health will also be updating-- under Judy's leadership-- will also be updating its guidance to help school districts make the best decisions as to whether and when masks should be worn.