Will the GOP Platform Ever Endorse Gay Marriage? This Prominent Republican Doesn’t Think so

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Former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie Predicts GOP Will Never Embrace Gay Marriage in Platform
Former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie Predicts GOP Will Never Embrace Gay Marriage in Platform

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As the public debate over gay marriage progresses, some prominent conservatives are endorsing  same-sex unions and warning that the Republican Party will inevitably be forced to do the same.

But it seems one well-known conservative is less-than-definitive on the issue and, in fact, is claiming that he doubts the GOP platform will ever officially back gay matrimonies.

On Sunday, former Republican National Committee (RNS) Chairman Ed Gillespie appeared on "Fox New Sunday," where he said that the media have painted conservatives in a negative light over traditional stances on marriage, Raw Story reports.

In addition to decrying the media depiction, Gillespie also made some intriguing claims about the party's future stance on same-sex unions.

"I don't see the Republican Party or most Republicans obviously changing in terms of believing that marriage is between one man and one woman," the guest told host Chris Wallace. "I do think that in the context of this debate, as in so many other debates, Republicans have been cast in the negative -- you know in the negative, to say we're opposing something as opposed to talking about what most Republicans are for."

The former RNC chairman also spoke about calls for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage (many in the Republican Party have taken this stance on the issue). While he doesn't believe that the GOP will ever overtly embrace same-sex unions, Gillespie did say that re-examining a federal ban, in light of conservative stances on federalism and issues like abortion, would potentially be warranted.

"I believe the platform right now calls for a federal constitutional amendment to ban it. There may be a debate about that," he continued.

But as for the party platform endorsing same-sex unions, Gillespie was candid.

"I don't think you would ever see the Republican Party platform say, 'We're in favor of same sex marriage,'" he said.

Watch video of this discussion, below:

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