GOP Now Covered In 'Trumpfunk,' Crows Lincoln Project Critic

Political wag Rick Wilson, co-founder of of the largely Republican anti-Donald Trump group The Lincoln Project, can’t help being gleeful about the dismal GOP midterm elections in the midst of Trump thrall.

Now, the party is covered in “Trumpfunk,” the longtime Republican strategist crowed on Twitter Saturday — just hours before Democrats picked up a 50th Senate seat with incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto’s (D-Nev.) win over Republican Adam Laxalt in Nevada.

Wilson noted in a series of tweets that things didn’t go as planned; in fact the Republican midterm performance was one of the worst in decades by the opposition party. Finally, it was the GOP “wailing and screeching” about their messaging, which was “killed” by Trump, Wilson said.

Obviously “voters didn’t like” the messaging, Wilson noted.

“No matter where you stand on abortion, the audience for the state GOP’s legislatures setting up snitch bounties (eg Texas) and forcing pre-teen rape victims to carry and ectopic victims to die has a very small constituency,” Wilson said.

Finally, Wilson mocked “Slytherin Head Boy” GOP Florida Sen. Rick Scott’s plan to “kill Social Security went over like a chlamydia outbreak in the Villages.”

None of it “worked because it was alien, discordant, and often just fucking weird. The bigger lesson is that the Trumpfunk was all over them,” Wilson quipped.

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