GOP Challenger Ridicules Barron Trump During YouTube Show

Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Getty
Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Getty
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Conservative YouTuber Brandon Herrera has already made it to a run-off primary against Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) by painting the congressman as insufficiently far-right. But it turns out Herrera may have a problem on his right when it comes to the most important metric of conservatism among Republicans today: support for Donald Trump.

According to footage of Herrera’s Feb. 10 podcast, the GOP challenger can be seen saying he doesn’t believe Trump can win the general election and, more controversially, Herrera joins in with his co-hosts as they ridicule Barron Trump, the former president’s 17-year-old son who’s been off-limits for most politicians.

One of the co-hosts refers to Barron as being a “long ventriloquist-like dummy,” looking like “slenderman” and being the new “cryptid”—a creature, like Bigfoot, that only questionably exists. Herrara jumps in and says Barron Trump is “like nine feet tall” and that he is “starting to become a meme” and makes a mocking voice imitating Barron.

“Daddy is coming, Daddy is angry,” Herrera says in an imitating voice.

Sources also pointed out that Herrera additionally said on a separate podcast—the Wake Up America Show with Austin Peterson on Aug. 23, 2023—that he questions whether Trump can win a general election.

“I just don’t know if he can carry the actual election,” Herrera said.

“If I had to predict, I think Trump will win the primary by a landslide and lose the general,” Herrera said. “Eight more years of winter, or four more years of winter rather.”

Herrera added that he “really enjoyed Trump’s presidency” but that the former president “messed up a lot of stuff,” citing his policy on “guns and things.”

Herrera's campaign didn't immediately respond to requests for comment, but after this story posted, Herrera replied to a tweet from this reporter linking to the story.

Herrera has made gun policy a focal point of his insurgent GOP campaign, challenging the Republican congressman who represents Uvalde that he is insufficiently conservative when it comes to the Second Amendment.

But unfortunately for Herrera, support for Trump far outweighs gun policy as the issue most important to Republicans—and Trumpworld has already noticed Herrera’s questionable comments.

“If this shithead actually said these vile things, he has no place in the party,” a source close to Trump said.

Texas GOP Censures Uvalde Congressman Tony Gonzales for Vote on Gun Safety

Another Trumpworld source had the same sentiment about the statement’s made by Herrera and that these statements will not be overlooked by the party’s presidential nominee.

“Brandon Herrera would be a disaster for Republicans,” one Trumpworld source told The Daily Beast. “Not only did he mock President Trump’s teenage son, which is totally uncalled for and disgusting behavior, he said Trump cannot win the general. This will not go unnoticed.”

One prominent GOP operative also told The Daily Beast that Herrera’s comments were a significant issue and will be as the campaign continues to go forward

“I’ve heard that Brandon Herrera has a problem with keeping his mouth shut and has a problem with saying stupid stuff, and this is just the tip of the iceberg,” one national Republican operative told The Daily Beast. “Brandon Herrera is going to have a very bad time over the next couple months if what I’ve heard is true.”

Gonzales carried 45% of the vote compared to Herrera’s nearly 25% in the Texas primary on March 5. But, despite neither candidate getting the necessary 50% plus one of the vote required to win outright, they were forced into a runoff set to take place on May 28.

While Gonzales has been a staunch Trump supporter—he endorsed the former president the the day Trump announced his bid for a second term—he has drawn Republican criticism for his support of “red flag” laws, which would allow judges to take guns away from people who they decide are a danger to themselves or others.

Still, Gonzales has the backing of a significant number of conservatives, including Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, another, and the backing of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Gonzales’ campaign declined to comment on Herrera’s words.

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