Google TV to launch AI-generated movie descriptions

As anticipated, numerous AI-related announcements were made at this year's Google I/O 2024 conference, including the unveiling of a new feature for Google TV.

Gemini, the company's family of generative AI models, will enhance the smart TV operating system so it can generate descriptions for movies and TV shows. When a description is missing on the home screen, the AI will fill it in automatically to ensure that viewers never have to wonder what a title is about, Google explains. It'll also translate descriptions into the viewer's native language, making the content more discoverable to a wider audience.

The AI-generated descriptions are also personalized based on a viewer’s genre and actor preferences, so each person receives tailored recommendations and summaries that cater to their specific interests.

Google TV's new capability, part of a larger effort to enhance the viewing experience, aims to help viewers discover movies and TV shows more quickly and spend less time searching. We imagine that Google will keep iterating on the feature as well as utilize Gemini for other capabilities, like improving the search function to answer more-specific questions about content.

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Read more about Google I/O 2024 on TechCrunch