Google Play Newsstand review staff

Google Play Newsstand brings you all the Web content, news channels, and premium magazines you can hope for, packaged in a fluent interface whose overall smoothness has been noticeably improved.


Great reading experience: In spite of the wealth of multimedia content Google Play Newsstand brings you, the app remains lightweight and, thanks to its clean and neat interface, proves accessible and easy to use.

Enjoyable content discovery: The Read Now screen features a Highlights tab, which shows you recommended content based on your preferences. As you use the app, these recommendations become better and better.

Offline mode: The ability to bookmark and save articles for offline reading makes the app usable even without an Internet connection.


Doesn't always use screen space effectively: Individual news items feature a banner image that takes about ¾ of the screen.

Unappealing widget: The widget doesn't look great nor does it update automatically.

Bottom Line

Google Play Newsstand delivers a rich and entertaining reading experience. With its wealth of content, streamlined interface, and improved performance, it's one of the most appealing content aggregators on Google Play.

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