Are these pictures of Google's next Nexus smartphone?

Daniel Bean
Yahoo News

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Smartphone news site Phone Scoop noticed an interesting group of photos Thursday on the FCC’s filings page that could give a glimpse at Google's upcoming Nexus 5 smartphone. An FCC filing from August 15th is listed in line with and under the same FCC ID as the Verizon variant of LG’s G2 smartphone, but the pictures with the report show a device that doesn’t at all resemble the pictures from earlier reports. Instead, this LG device looks a lot more like last year’s Nexus 4, save for some changes in camera and size of screen bezels.

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The smartphone shown also resembles this device from an Android KitKat promotional video, which many speculated leaked the design of the Nexus 5. Coincidence?

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Being that Verizon’s LG G2 is actually available starting today, and it happens to look nothing like these latest images from the FCC filing for the device, it sure seems that this smartphone was wrongfully filed as an LG G2.

Detailed information of a purported Nexus 5 - or new Nexus 4 - first began to surface in the last weeks. Tech site Engadget recently reported on alleged specs and images of a new Nexus, reporting the smartphone will feature a Snapdragon 800 processor, LTE mobile data connectivity and a 5 inch display.

New Nexus smartphones are typically released by Google in coordination with a new version of the company’s Android mobile OS; the Nexus line of smartphones and tablets is designed by Google to show off the latest edition of Android, and to show off the "pure" operating system that is often obscured by skins and designs that most smartphone manufacturers place on top of the OS. Google has recently confirmed that the next version of Android will be 4.4, codenamed KitKat, but no other specifics on release date or features have been announced.