Google Image Searches Recognize GIFs, Making GIFs Even Less Hip Again

Rebecca Greenfield
The Atlantic Wire

Because GIFs are all popular and stuff — or at least they were — Google has confirmed that it's rolling out special Google Images search filters for finding the moveable images, a trick that was available to savvy searchers all along, but which everyone else can now access in just a few clicks. Now, instead of forcing you to type in "file:gif +" before an Images search, Google will allow users to filter GIFs using the "Animated" filter under the also pretty new "Search tools" option  for "type" below the main search box, as pictured below (via CNET):

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The "Any type" drop-down box currently offers p a list of Images search filters — just not "Animated": 

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The only difference between the old GIF trick (searching for file types using a hand-typed filter) and the official new GIF option (an "Animated" button) is that a user can opts for GIFs as a prerequisite rather than as a granular search follow-up. It all probably takes the exact same amount of time, but now there's accessibility. Now, anyone can search for these things super easily: Even your mom can do it. Meaning the coolness factor of these already descendent Internet life-forms is about to go way, way down. Internet, brace yourself.

In addition to the GIF filter, Google has also added a "transparency" tab for people looking for specific clip art that doesn't have a background. That will soon be found under the "Any color" tab,