Google Glass Will Be Out Just in Time for a Very Expensive Christmas Present

Alexander Abad-Santos

Christmas has come early for early adopters today. Google has finally given us a release date and price point for their nerdy (and potentially sort of stylish) augmented reality glasses. But start saving up now, because the glasses will cost just under $1,500 when they go on sale at the end of 2013, according to Techcrunch and The Verge.

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Dante D'Orazio at The Verge quotes a Google source as saying Google Glass will definitely come in at a price "less than $1,500," which isn't really clear at all — there's a really big difference between a $95 pair from potential Google partner Warby Parker and $400 pair of nice designer eyeglasses, and then there's 1,500 bucks — but at least it sets an upper limit. And before you complain to Santa, these details are a lot more info than what Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who likes to ride the subway in his glasses, offered in May, when he vaguely told everyone that he'd be aiming for something "sometime next year."

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The pricing and release date details cap a week when we finally learned about all the adventures we can take with Google Glass someday:

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