Google Glass giveaway competition closes, winners to be notified in the next few days

Dan Graziano

Google Glass Competition
Google Glass Competition

Google (GOOG) on Tuesday revealed that it has chosen the winners of its “if I had Glass” competition. The company kicked off the contest on February 20th by asking users to come up with the most unique applications they could for its highly anticipated Google Glass wearable computing headset while offering early access to the new gadget as a reward for winners. Google said that it was bombarded with “creative, diverse, and (sometimes) crazy applications” shortly after announcing the contest last month.

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“We could never have imagined such an enthusiastic response,” the company wrote on its Google+ page. “There were so many creative, diverse, and (sometimes) crazy applications. We’ve certainly learned a lot through this whole process and it’s inspiring to hear how much passion there is for Glass.”

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Google plans to notify winners through Google+ and Twitter with an invitation to the company’s Explorer Program over the next few days.

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