Google Doodle Celebrates Julia Child's 100th Birthday

Zoe Fox
Google Doodle Celebrates Julia Child's 100th Birthday
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Wednesday's Google Doodle celebrates the birth of Julia Child, the woman who made America fall in love with French cuisine.

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The Google Doodle of Child illustrates her with a wide grin, as she simultaneously prepares fish, soup, two chickens and a cake.

The chef, author and TV personality was born Aug. 15, 1912 and would be celebrating her 100th birthday this year.

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Child is credited with introducing French cooking to the American palette through her debut cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which was released in 1963. She later became the host of long-running PBS cooking show The French Chef.

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Her decorated career included ranking number 46 on TV Guide's 1996 list of 50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time. In her New York Times obituary, she was concisely dubbed "French Chef for a Jell-O Nation."

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