Google doesn’t plan to abandon its Nexus program

Dan Graziano
BGR News

Google Nexus Program
Google Nexus Program

Google’s Android and Chrome boss Sundar Pichai confirmed that Google has no plans to abandon its Nexus program. The executive confirmed at the AllThingsD: D11 conference on Thursday that Google will continue to make dedicated Nexus hardware with its manufacturing partners. He noted that the idea of the Nexus program was to not only “guide the ecosystem,” but also to push hardware to a new level. The news comes after Pichai revealed a new Google Edition of the HTC One that runs a stock version of Android. The smartphone will be the second non-Nexus device running stock Android that is offered through Google Play. The company previously announced a Google Edition version of the Galaxy S4 at its I/O Developers Conference earlier this month. Both phones will launch on June 26th.

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