Google’s Brin says Glass fits with company’s plan for ditching traditional search [video]

Brad Reed

Google Founder Brin
Google Founder Brin

If you’re the sort of person who walks into lamposts because you look at your smartphone too much, then Google (GOOG) founder Sergey Brin thinks you’re the perfect person to buy Google Glass. Speaking at the TED2013 conference this week, Brin explained that Google wanted to develop the Glass headset to free people from constantly looking down at their smartphones and declared that Glass “frees your hands and frees your eyes.”

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“This act of looking down at my phone is one of the reasons behind Glass,” he said. “We questioned whether you should be walking around looking down. That was the vision behind Glass and that’s why we created this form factor.”

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Brin also explained that Glass is part of Google’s long-term vision of moving away from standard web searches and moving toward products such as Google Now that give users personalized information based on their web use patterns.

“Our original vision at Google was eventually to get rid of the search query and you’d just get the information you need when you need it,” he said. “Fifteen years later this is first form factor that delivers on that vision. The project has lasted just over 2 years. We’ve learned  lot.”

A full video of Brin’s talk is posted below.

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