Google announces new music streaming service over Google Play

Brad Reed
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Google Play Music All Access
Google Play Music All Access

At Google I/O on Wednesday, Google announced a new music streaming service aimed at rivaling Spotify and Pandora that will be run over its Google Play store. The music service, called Google Play Music All Access, is described as “a uniquely Google approach to a music subscription service.” The new service will give users playlists from the Google Play library and will give users the option of quickly swiping out tracks that they don’t want to listen to. The service will work across laptops, smartphones and tablets. The service is priced at $9.99 a month in the Untied States, although Google is giving users a 30-free trial. Customers who start trials by June 30th will pay just $7.99 a month for the service. The new service is available now.

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