Google advisor adds fuel to rumor that ‘X Phone’ will be world’s first customizable smartphone

Brad Reed
BGR News

Google X Phone Rumor
Google X Phone Rumor

We’ve seen some rumors flying around that Google’s (GOOG) upcoming “X Phone” will have customizable hardware options that will essentially let users pick some of the key features they want in a mobile device. While such rumblings are still firmly in the “rumor” category, former Apple (AAPL) evangelist and current advisor at Google’s Motorola division Guy Kawasaki has given them a little more life by posting a video on his Google+ page about the Porsche Exclusive program that gives customers the option of custom-designing their own Porsches from a list of given options. Just above the video Kawasaki writes that it would be “great if you could personalize your phone like this,” a hint that Google and Motorola are working on a similar “build-your-own-device” program.

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