Google’s $4 million mystery barge is headed for the junk yard

Zach Epstein
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Google’s $4 million mystery barge is headed for the junk yard

$4 million is barely a drop in the bucket for Google, which racked up $16 billion in revenue in the June quarter alone. But $4 million is the amount Google just burned on its mystery barge, which is reportedly about to be dismantled after Google had tried to use it as a floating showroom.

The Portland Press Herald reports that Google’s East Coast barge has been towed to Turner’s Island Cargo Terminal in South Portland, Maine, where the massive floating experiment is set to be dismantled. The 250-foot barge contained 60 shipping containers stacked into a four-story building that Google had planned to use as a reconfigurable private showroom for its various products such as Google Glass and Chromebook laptop computers.

According to the report, the barge has been sold to an undisclosed shipping company and all of the containers Google was using as showrooms will be scrapped.

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