Good Trouble boss on Mariana's season 5 decision

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Good Trouble boss on Mariana's season 5 decisionFreeform
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Good Trouble spoilers follow.

The season 5 premiere of drama Good Trouble didn't waste a moment in revealing who the unfortunate recipient of that bullet was.

While fleeing the compound, tech whizz Evan Speck was gunned down and found himself comatose, but the twist was far from over, because software engineer Mariana Adams Foster was then inserted as his company Speckulate's acting CEO.

According to showrunner Joanna Johnson, Cierra Ramirez's character is now in a sticky spot indeed, feeling guilty over Evan's life hanging in the balance, and therefore hesitant to chase anything with romantic interest Joaquin Peréz.

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"In some ways, she feels she has to keep a distance from Joaquin because of her guilt about Evan and wanting to just take care of Evan. So any feelings that she also has left over for Joaquin, she's shoving down because her love for Evan is coming up stronger at the moment," Johnson told TVLine.

"But also, he understands what she went through, he was there, and they live in the Coterie together, and they do tend to rely on each other. So she's kind of torn about how much to rely on him, how much to lean on him. So that's complicated. It's an interesting pull.

"It creates a lot of dimensions [to] the triangle that makes it one of my favourite stories this season just because it is so complex."

evan, mariana, good trouble

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As for how Mariana is going to process her extreme situation throughout the fifth season — juggling the running of a major tech giant with an overwhelming sense of sorrow – the Good Trouble boss went on to suggest: "Guilt is such a very, very strong emotion, and for her, she feels completely responsible for Evan getting shot, and until you can sort of forgive yourself, you can't really let go of guilt.

"For her, this season is going to be that process of it eating away at her, and is she going to let the guilt consume her or is she going to find a way to forgive herself and let that part of it go?"

Good Trouble is available on BBC iPlayer and Disney+ in the UK, while it airs on Freeform in the US.

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