Good day, bad day: June 26, 2012

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The WeekJune 26, 2012

Uggie cements his place in Hollywood history, while a 13-year-old little-leaguer is sued over an errant throw — and more winners and losers of today's news cycle


Spicing up your life
The Spice Girls officially announce the London premiere of Viva Forever!, a musical based on the girl group's greatest hits. [BuzzFeed]

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Canine celebs
Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier best known for his role in the Oscar-winning film The Artist, plants his paw prints on Hollywood's walk of fame. [The Frisky]

Protecting "The Brow"
Kentucky basketball phenomenon Anthony Davis, who is widely expected to be the top pick in Thursday's NBA draft, trademarks his famous unibrow by calling dibs on the phrases "Fear The Brow" and "Raise The Brow." [The Daily What]

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Celebrity dopplegangers
A Tennessee man is kicked out of a Kenny Chesney concert for causing "confusion" after other fans mistake him for the country singer. [Death & Taxes]

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Excessive subdivisions
An L.A. landlord is in trouble with the law for allegedly dividing a three-apartment triplex into 44 separate units. [Consumerist]

Rookie mistakes
A New Jersey woman sues a little-leaguer for $150,000 after his errant throw hits her in the face during practice. [TIME]

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