Good day, bad day: July 20, 2012

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The Spice Girls will reportedly make an appearance at the Olympics' closing ceremony, while London's ATMs run out of cash  — and more winners and losers of today's news cycle


Spicing up the Olympics
The Spice Girls will reportedly perform at the London Olympics' closing ceremony. [New York]

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A medieval support system
A bra from the 15th century is unearthed during reconstruction work at a medieval castle in Austria. The discovery is now arguably the world's oldest known brassiere. [Discovery News]

Outsmarting the bad guys
Endangered gorillas in Rwanda figure out how to dismantle poachers' traps to avoid death. [Jezebel]

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Sensitivity in tweeting
The National Rifle Association sends out a morning tweet following the Colorado movie theater shooting that says, "Good morning, shooters. Happy Friday!" and deletes it shortly afterwards, without acknowledging its misstep. [Politicker]

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Withdrawing some pounds
The influx of tourists in London during the Olympic season causes massive lines at ATMs around the city, with many of the machines running out of cash. [Consumerist]

Taking a beating
An Indiana GOP branch removes an Obama punching bag, which featured a cartoon of the president's likeness with a black eye and the words "Vote Republican," from a county fair following complaints. [Opposing Views]

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