Good day, bad day: April 2, 2012

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Burger King cozies up to healthy eaters, while the tanning industry gets some unwelcome publicity — and more winners and losers of today's news cycle


Your body mass index
Burger King unveils a new health-conscious menu, featuring lower-calorie items like smoothies, snack wraps, and 100 percent white meat chicken. [Consumerist]

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A character in AMC's 1960s drama Mad Men disses Mitt Romney's father, a three-term governor of Michigan, in a controversial (though historically accurate) scene. [Business Insider]

Making amends
In a sympathetic interview with Trayvon Martin's parents, Geraldo Rivera apologizes for suggesting that the teen's hooded sweatshirt was as big a factor in his death as the shooter was. [Huffington Post]

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Belvedere Vodka
The woman pictured in a now-infamous, date-rape-insinuating liquor ad sues the company, alleging that Belvedere lifted her likeness from an online comedy video without her permission. [The Frisky]

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Safety in the skies
An investigation finds that it is still fairly simple to obtain a counterfeit driver's license that can get anyone past security and onto an airplane. [The Daily]

Snooki and Co.
Skin cancer in young women became eight times more common between 1970 and 2009, and researchers say the drastic increase is likely the result of tanning beds. [TIME]

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